Aryza Signs Agreement with TransUnion to Revolutionize Debt Solutions in Canada Through Aryza Advize  

Aryza Group, a leading provider of financial software solutions, has selected TransUnion, a global information and insights company, to facilitate access to its credit reports for Aryza Advize users in Canada. Building on successful agreements in the UK and Europe, Aryza’s access to Canadian credit reports will help empower Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Canada with efficient and secure access to comprehensive consumer information, addressing the urgent need for streamlined debt resolution. 

Aryza Advize is an award-winning cost-effective, cloud-based platform designed to automate financial journeys for consumers, making life easier for financial professionals in the debt and insolvency sector and the customers they help. The debt management software works for the full lifecycle of debt solutions and has numerous benefits including automated document production and financial advice, secure communication between customers, debt advisors and creditors, and a versatile payment suite, all whilst being fully compliant.  

The agreement with TransUnion allows Licensed Insolvency Trustees to securely access a consumer’s full credit report with a click of a button through Aryza Advize, following consent. This access can reduce the time spent between the initial engagement with the client and getting the correct solution in place for the individual to pay off their debt. Within Advize, Licensed Insolvency Trustees will have a clearer view of a debtor’s liabilities including outstanding balances, payment obligations, reference numbers and any associated assets. 

The imperative for Licensed Insolvency Trustees to recognize the evolving landscape of consumer advice delivery persists, as they actively seek to leverage technology, exemplified by platforms like Aryza Advize, to effectively navigate these changes. Consumers are facing a proliferation of online distractions, making it essential for Licensed Insolvency Trustees to work with their clients as quickly as possible, removing unnecessary barriers such as compiling a list of their debts and hunting for statements and reference numbers. 

Mark Roberts, Head of Client Success in North America at Aryza said:  

“We are thrilled to announce our agreement with TransUnion, a pivotal step in enhancing the capabilities of Aryza Advize in Canada. In a financial landscape where Canadians are utilizing more of their disposable income than ever recorded to pay down debt, with $1.82 in debt for every $1 a household earns, the imperative for formal debt management solutions is escalating. The agreement with TransUnion not only underscores our commitment to innovation in the financial software solutions space but also signifies a significant leap forward in empowering Licensed Insolvency Trustees. The agreement also aligns perfectly with our mission to make financial journeys more efficient, providing a transformative experience for both financial professionals and the clients they serve. Aryza is reshaping the landscape of debt management, ensuring a faster and more informed path towards financial stability.”