About us

Financial management has traditionally been complicated. We know that with the right tools it can be simple. With the right tools, businesses all over the world can be more automated and more efficient as they help their customers take meaningful control of their money, and move towards a brighter financial future.

So we built the tools.

We are Aryza

Ethical, personalised software solutions.

Designed to help you help your customers, whether consumers or corporates, to achieve their financial goals

We know that in today’s highly regulated world, there is huge value in quickly guiding your customers through the product that best fit their immediate needs, through a seamless journey that is tailored to their specific circumstances.

We created smart platforms, responsible and compliant products, and a unique system of companies and capabilities so that businesses can optimise their customers’ journey through the right product at the right time.

One team, one purpose.

We believe in working closely together towards a shared vision. We want to make it easier for financial professionals all over the world to help their clients. By making that easier, we make it easier for people in financial trouble to find their feet again. For everyone, no matter their financial situation, to take vital steps towards a healthier financial future.

Everything we build, and everything we do, is built and done with this in mind.

We started in Ireland in 2002.

Today we operate across continents.

We’ve come

a long way...

Vision Blue launches in Ireland as Insolv

At the time there is a need for a Case Management System specialising in Irish insolvency. Our CMS was originally created for corporate assignments, but has since evolved and now caters for personal insolvency too.

We quickly gain a market share of 75% in Ireland

The UK is next. A challenging new market due to fierce competition and sheer size, it requires a tailored approach. The team at Vision Blue begins enhancing the existing product to cater to assignment types in the UK.

Vision Blue launches in the UK

Our CMS is specifically tailored for the UK market, managing corporate and personal insolvency. It increases efficiency and reduces operational costs. It has now been adopted by over 100 firms in the UK.

Vision Blue supplies to the Cayman Islands

We experience steady growth, working with large firms such as Deloitte to develop a CMS that allows firms to work through their Compulsory and Voluntary Liquidations in the most efficient manner possible.

Reaching new milestones in UK and Ireland

Vision Blue CMS is now the market-leading personal insolvency CMS throughout the UK, as well as the number 1 market leading CMS for both corporate and personal insolvency in Ireland.

2016 marks the launch of Partnerlink

Vision Blue CMS is now the market-leading personal insolvency CMS throughout the UK, as well as the number 1 market leading CMS for both corporate and personal insolvency in Ireland.

Recognition and Acquisition

In October we win at the TRI Awards. In November, the purchase of Vision Blue by Pollen Street Capital is finalised. Vision Blue's growth is accelerated, both in our active jurisdictions and in those we are looking to break into.

2018 marks our international expansion

We launched our Vision Blue CMS in Canada and New Zealand. Later in the year we complete the acquisition of UBERbase in Canada. The addition of UBERbase’s powerful IPS maximises our potential for bringing change to Canada.

Vision Blue rebrands as Aryza

We bring all brands and products together under one parent company. Aryza acquires Samepage and develops Connect, a series of products and services built to enhance the efficiency and automation of insolvency cases.

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ESG Report: Tangible impact in a challenging year

At Aryza we follow a holistic ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) impact framework which is guided by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
We are committed to having a positive impact on our workplace, environment, governance and leadership, as well as the wider marketplace.

Our investors

Pollen Street is an independent alternative investment management company

Focused on accelerating the progress of the financial and business services sectors, Pollen Street has significant experience in specialty finance. View their Portfolio.


Pollen Street was established in 2013 and operates across private equity and credit strategies on behalf of investors including leading pension funds, asset managers, banks and family offices from around the world. Pollen Street has a team of 70+ professionals with offices in London and New York. 

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