aryza loan origination

Software for the origination of financial products quickly, automatically and cost-effectively

Transform the application process for your customers, with a simple, fully digital, and entirely automated loan origination journey

Features & Functionality

Automate the loan origination process

Aryza Loan Origination is a secure, cloud-hosted end-to-end loan management software solution. It’s been designed to originate and manage financial products quickly, automatically & cost-effectively. Learn more about the key features of this product below. 

Easy application

A simplified application process through an entirely digital, easily navigable customer journey.

Comprehensive Management

Aryza Loan Origination provides access to a host of compatible, trusted and practical third-party services.

Easy integration

Aryza Loan Origination can seamlessly integrate with Account Score, DocuSign, Zendesk, Equifax and TransUnion.

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A feature rich, cost effective solution for mainstream business models

Intuitive templates

Simple, effective script-based implementation and accelerator templates.

Grows with your business

Loan origination delivered on an efficient, low cost and highly scaleable platform.

Flexible options

Gives customers access to both traditional and new technologies and service providers.

Added value bolt-ons

Integrated third party services such as credit reference agencies and electronic signatures.

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Loan Origination Software FAQs

Loan origination software speeds up the loan application procedure by providing a fast, accurate and efficient way to assess borrowers and evaluate the risk of a loan. Being able to process and approve loans at speed while maintaining regulatory compliance is essential for lenders to keep up with the competition, which is where our software can help.

Aryza Loan Origination is a centralised platform which handles loan applications through an entirely digital, easily navigable customer journey. It’s a cost effective solution for lenders to overcome the many challenges that the origination process can present. Businesses can assess and approve loans much faster with loan origination software.

Aryza Loan Origination was designed with the aim of making the processing of loan applications more efficient. However it contains a whole host of additional features too, which assists through the entire lending journey. Some of these additional features included in the platform are:

  • The ability to create and manage loan portfolios
  • Centralised document management
  • Compliance management
  • Automated underwriting
  • Customer management
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Audit trails

For a full breakdown of how Aryza Loan Origination could help your business, please get in touch with our team today for a free demo.

Various different types of lenders may use loan origination software as a way of speeding up application processes. Borrowers use it too, interacting with the customer portal when applying for and managing their loans. Examples of lenders who use Aryza Loan Origination software include: 

  • Commercial lenders
  • Mortgage providers
  • Credit card providers
  • Vehicle finance providers
  • Other lenders

The use of loan origination software has a number of benefits for both lenders and borrowers. We explore some of the key advantages below:

  • Gives lenders the tools to improve backend processes and achieve optimum efficiency.
  • Provides a smoother experience for borrowers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.
  • Reduces costs, by reducing the number of tasks that need to be taken care of manually
  • Analytics tools included within loan origination software give lenders greater insights into their business
  • Automated processes makes it easier for lenders to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Accelerates the loan process, meaning more customers can be processed quicker

In order to create a digital, low-cost lender, we needed a secure, cloud-hosted platform to provide our loan origination services, and as one of the leading software providers in this space, Aryza was our first choice. The delivery of this platform has now been successfully completed and we are all hugely impressed by the capabilities of the Aryza product, the expertise of the team and the overall delivery process.

Director of Lending, HastingsDirect

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hastings direct partner with aryza

Hastings Direct partners with Aryza for their loan origination platform