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Aryza Originate

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Aryza Originate is a comprehensive software platform to originate financial products, find out more in our latest brochure.

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Transform the application process for your customers, with a simple, fully digital, and entirely automated loan origination journey. Aryza Originate is a secure, cloud-hosted end-to-end loan management software solution. It’s been designed to originate and manage financial products quickly, automatically and cost-effectively. Learn more about the key features of this product below.


Aryza Originate has been created to improve backend processes, optimise efficiency and deliver a smoother experience for your customers


Improve backend processes
Gives lenders the tools to improve backend processes and achieve optimum efficiency.
A smoother experience
Provides a smoother experience for borrowers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.
Cost reduction
Reduces costs, by reducing the number of tasks that need to be taken care of manually.
Management information
Analytics tools included within loan origination software give lenders greater insights into their business.
Regulatory compliance
Automated processes makes it easier for lenders to ensure regulatory compliance.
Speedy processing
Accelerates the loan process, meaning more customers can be processed quicker.
Easy application
A simplified application process through an entirely digital journey.
Embedded finance
A simple tool to enable implementation of embedded finance for retail and online customers.

Find out more about Aryza Originate, download our brochure now

Aryza loan origination solutions

Aryza has a rich heritage of working with lenders and brokers to deliver award winning automation for all aspects of loan origination.


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What additional features are included with Aryza Originate?

Aryza Originate was designed with the aim of making the processing of loan applications more efficient. However it contains a whole host of additional features too, which assists through the entire lending journey. Some of these additional features included in the platform are:

– The ability to create and manage loan portfolios

– Centralised document management

– Compliance management

– Automated underwriting

– Customer management

– Billing and invoicing

– Audit trails

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What is Loan Origination Software?

Fast, accurate and efficient, approval of loans at speed while maintaining regulatory compliance

Digital, easily navigable customer journey, cost effective

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