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Building efficiency and consistency into your customer acquisition process

Consumer acquisition and onboarding

Aryza Acquire allows the onboarding of consumers to use open banking to populate their details within minutes. With automated decisioning, you can offer the appropriate products and services to your customers, based on their true affordability and vulnerability. As part of the onboarding of new customers, you will have processes in place. Aryza Acquire dovetails with these processes to provide you with a compliant and secure journey for customers to share their information with you and a true end-to-end digital platform providing powerful agent support tools.

Aryza Acquire for consumers


Onboarding of commercial customers

Using Open Banking and Open Ledger technologies, via one single API integration, the Aryza platform was designed to empower credit underwriters, commercial and SME lending professionals by providing key company information, automating the collection of key accounting data such as creditor and book debt ledgers, and providing a powerful analysis of a company’s banking transactions.

Aryza Acquire for commercial customers

Consumer benefits

Giving new customers a warm welcome to your business

Automated onboarding
All new customers can be put through an evaluation process prior to involving any contact centre agents – reducing the headcount required to manage the onboarding process.
Decisioning and support
A true digital end-to-end onboarding service that can guide the consumer into the best solution available for them.
Improved contact rates
Reach customers who have gone into ‘no contact’, or are not suited to a traditional call centre journey. 47% of new customers are comfortable using digital tools to complete online applications.
Low impact on your IT
You won’t need heavy IT resources to implement the software into your systems, and as speed-to-market is a priority, you can expect to be up and running within 5-6 weeks.
Available on demand
The service is available to customers 24/7 and on a device they prefer to use.
Safe and secure
Secure and compliant – the data the consumer provides is protected by multiple security protocols.
Fast and efficient
Speedy customer journey – it will take the consumer a matter of minutes to conduct their initial application.
Save time and money
New customer onboarding is simple and more effective with fast, accurate and compliant financial assessments.
Agent assisted journey
Agents can interact remotely within the same interface as the consumer to edit plans, update details and more, making customer support easier and more effective
Campaign and workflow management
Easily automate ongoing communication with your customer throughout their journey, and design automated operational flows to streamline communication.

Download the Aryza Acquire B2C brochure 

Aryza Acquire allows the onboarding of consumers, using open banking to populate their details within minutes, read out latest brochure to find out more about the benefits this product can bring to your organisation.

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Commercial benefits

Enhance the analysis of data, the quality of decision making, and the relationships between borrowers and lenders

Digitising acquisition processes
Automating on-boarding processes and customer journeys in a simple interface
Simple overview of information
Providing a holistic view of an SME’s key financial information within one application.
Efficient and consistent approach
Enabling underwriters to make quicker and more informed credit decisions.
End-to-end customer management
Reducing fraud cases (and monitoring credit lines by adding recurring access to the data and using Aryza Monitor to maintain a view of performance).
Simplifying the application process
SMEs have traditionally faced long-winded and complex application processes, Aryza Acquire aims to change this by simplifying the process and allowing businesses to apply for lending in an intuitive web app.
Accurate and reliable management information
Lenders also face challenges of the detailed information they require, the reliability of data sources, and the timeliness of that information. Even when the information gathered is comprehensive, it can be difficult to predict future cash flow and be sure of the accuracy of the data.

Download the Aryza Acquire B2B brochure 

Aryza Acquire is a web-based app that allows your customers to easily share their key company data and financial information when applying for a commercial loan, download our latest brochure to find out more.

Speak to a member of the team to find out more about Aryza Acquire

A new approach to customer onboarding

Improving the customer experience and providing structure and process to the acquisition of new customers


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automated and manual onboarding possible


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Is Aryza Acquire an alternative to a webform?

Aryza Acquire offers an alternative to a webform, with a simple user interface which is completed by the consumer, to gain a clear understanding of their income, outgoings and credit commitments, along with ongoing affordability and vulnerability assessment.

What types of business can use Aryza Acquire?

Our fully-featured software caters for different types of businesses in lending, banking, credit cards, collections and debt sectors, along with lead generators.

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