Empowering Voices: Celebrating International Women’s Day with Aryza 

International Women’s Day is not just a date on the calendar; it’s a global movement that celebrates the achievements of women while highlighting the ongoing fight for gender equality. Every year on March 8th, people around the world come together to recognise the social, economic, cultural, and political contributions of women and to renew their commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable society. 

In recent years, the significance of International Women’s Day has grown exponentially as women continue to break barriers, shatter stereotypes, and demand equal rights and opportunities. From the boardroom to sports arenas, women are making their mark and inspiring future generations to dream big and aim high.  

This day serves as a poignant reminder of the progress we’ve made, while also highlighting the work that still lies ahead. At Aryza, we recognise the invaluable contributions of women in every facet of our organisation and beyond.  

Here, we proudly present insights from the remarkable women of Aryza on International Women’s Day. They candidly share their experiences overcoming challenges, flourishing in their respective industries, and offer invaluable advice to those embarking on their career journeys. 

Kelly Singleton, Chief People Officer, UK

“Although there are many women in my profession, I have often been the lone female voice when sitting around the table in senior forums. Today, however, I think we all know this is not where we want to be, and we need to strive harder to improve all aspects of representation. Diversity brings a myriad of benefits to businesses so why are we still so far away from where we need to be? It is also super important to build inclusive cultures that people want to be a part of and feel they can excel within. Reflecting on my journey, there were moments when I felt confident enough to bring my thoughts to the table alongside times of discomfort when I struggled to engage authentically. However, I’ve since discovered my voice and authenticity and now aim to empower others to do the same, regardless of invitation. Working in FinTech I see the challenge is still real, and we need to consciously focus on that. I celebrate women in all walks of life and have made it my mission to support others on their journey. Helping others with their career development is something I find incredibly rewarding, not only personally but also to enable business success. I wish for a future where younger generations can’t believe this was ever a part of their history.”


Aarfah Rasool, Insolvency Analyst, APAC- Mauritius

Don’t let the pressure from society silence your voice. In the finance world, we face ongoing challenges and the biggest weapon a woman can have is the confidence of believing in herself, which can lead to achieving more than ever imagined. 

International Women’s Day is a day to pause and reflect upon ourselves, the journey we have taken to get here, and to be proud of who we have become today. We should also take a moment to give credit to people we look up to who promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and let’s not forget all mothers out there who deserve recognition for all the hard work they put into having a healthy work-life balance. My advice is don’t you dare give up on yourself. You can, and you will!” 

Annie Savard, Product Manager of Aryza Insolv, Canada

“As a Product Manager for Aryza Insolv, a powerful insolvency case management system, I’m proud to champion diversity and inclusion, especially on International Women’s Day. For women in fintech and finance, perseverance and seizing opportunities are key. My advice: embrace your unique perspective, amplify your voice, and support fellow women in breaking barriers. Let’s celebrate the achievements of women everywhere and continue to promote inclusivity in the workplace and beyond.” 

Mariska de Ridder, Marketing Manager, Benelux 

“Financial independence stands as the cornerstone of genuine empowerment. On International Women’s Day, let us not only advocate for equal pay but also strive for equitable opportunities, empowering women to flourish financially and sculpt their own destinies. To me, this encapsulates two vital pillars: gender equality in compensation and the imperative of women’s financial autonomy.” 

Karen Emmett, Transformation Officer & ESG Lead, Ireland 

“In the dynamic realm of fintech, where technology converges with finance, being a woman signifies navigating through two traditionally male-dominated industries—a double whammy if you will. My initial encounter with this reality was during my university years, where women comprised less than 10% of my class. However, within these two industries, I’ve discovered an incredible sense of solidarity and support among women. International Women’s Day serves as a poignant reminder to honour and celebrate the remarkable achievements of women everywhere.” 

Stephanie Shykes, Customer Success Manager, Australia 

“Embracing the role of a woman in the tech industry is truly remarkable as it challenges stereotypes, fosters a myriad of perspectives, ignites innovation, and inspires upcoming generations to embark on tech journeys. It transcends mere barrier-breaking; it’s about crafting a future for technology infused with creativity and inclusivity.” 

Debbie Mills, Head of Customer Success, UK 

“On International Women’s Day, let’s envision a world where every woman embraces a little more ambition, igniting transformative change. Remember, take criticism seriously but not personally. Use it as a tool for growth, but don’t let it define you. Together, empowered and resilient, we can shape a future where every woman thrives and contributes her unique brilliance to the world.” 

Michelle DeCelis, Senior Account Manager, UK

“International Women’s Day is a powerful reminder that Women can do anything! But having the best support around is imperative to help you succeed.  Whether that be through family, friends, workplace, or even from within, if you have the confidence, ambition and the best structure and guidance, you CAN achieve your goal” 

Emma Lawrence, Senior Marketing Manager, UK

“To me, International Women’s Day is about celebrating the diverse strengths, perspectives, and contributions of women in society. Together, we’re striving towards a world where every woman has the freedom to define her own path, to pursue her passions, and to shape the future on her own terms. A world which breaks down the barriers that limit women’s potential and embraces the full spectrum of their capabilities. In this progressive journey, let us stand together, lift each other up, and champion the rights and dignity of all people, today and every day.”