Aryza Group Expands Global Footprint with Acquisition of Oyster Bay Systems Limited

London – January 2024– Aryza Group, a leading provider of software solutions for the financial services industry, announces the successful acquisition of Oyster Bay Systems Limited (OBS) and its subsidiary Profile Data Services Limited (PDS). This strategic move is set to strengthen Aryza Group’s position in the finance and lending market, expanding the group’s capability in the loan management sector, adding scale and client reach in the UK and capability across Europe.

Colin Brown, CEO of Aryza Group, emphasised the significance of this acquisition, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Oyster Bay Systems into the Aryza Group family. This strategic move not only expands our global presence but also plays a pivotal role in reducing fragmentation in the UK lending supplier space. By bringing together the expertise of Aryza Group and Oyster Bay Systems, we aim to offer a seamless and integrated software offering, providing better outcomes for the end user.”

Colin further explained, “This acquisition would lead to more of the market having access to the full Aryza software offering across the whole credit and debt lifecycle. Our commitment to innovation and efficiency is unwavering, and we believe that this consolidation will drive positive change in the industry. We look forward to leveraging our combined strengths to deliver unparalleled value to our clients and contribute to the evolution of the financial services landscape.”

With OBS’s flagship product, Vienna, and PDS’s data processing capabilities, Aryza Group is poised to enhance its position as a leading force in digitalising lending processes and facilitating seamless data submissions to major credit reference agencies.

The acquisition is a testament to Aryza Group’s commitment to growth and innovation but also to the company’s dedication to delivering superior solutions for the finance and lending industry.