Offer suitable alternatives for customers who’ve been unsuccessful with a loan application

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Aryza Decline provides a clear alternative for those consumers that may be unsuitable for lending, read more in our latest brochure.

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Automated decisioning and signposting for declined customers

With quick and accurate financial assessments, Aryza Decline enables you to effectively manage customers who have been declined for financial products

If you have your own FCA debt advice permissions, we can work with you to build your own white-labelled version of the Decline product. This can fit into your existing advisory processes. Alternatively you can work with our partner interfaces. They can use their debt advice permissions to take your declined clients and work them through their established process, generating quick results.


Help for declined loan applications

Built to reflect your brand
Aryza Decline can be ‘white-labelled’ to reflect your brand and messaging and provide reassurance to your customers
Reliable and consistent data
Provide an in depth and accurate overview of finances based on open banking and credit bureau data along with your chosen questions
Consistent presentation of data
Convert the data gathered into a Standard Financial Statement (SFS)
Powerful rules engine
Apply rules to the SFS and provide a decision system that presents the consumer with the best outcome for their current position
Works with your CRM
Seamless transfer into CRM or case management tools – no re-keying required
Data security is in built
All data is stored in Azure servers
Support for your agents
Full end-to-end digital journey, also has a fully configurable Agent interface that enables an assisted journey supported by call centre staff if required
Minimal impact on in-house IT
You won’t need heavy IT resources to implement the software into your systems, and as speed-to-market is a priority, you can expect to be up and running within 5-6 weeks
Built with consumers in mind
Easily automate ongoing communications with your customer throughout their journey, and design automated operational flows to streamline communication
Tailored to your business processes
Aryza Decline can be configured to your business needs, rules and branding, making it a bespoke solution for you

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What is Loan Origination Software?

Loan origination software is a method for delivering automated, fast, accurate and efficient approval of loans while maintaining regulatory compliance. This digital lending approach usually contains an easily navigable customer journey, and presents ROI to the user.

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