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aryza canada insolvency estate planning

The Next Generation of Insolvency Estate Processing

Aryza Canada is the Canadian leader of insolvency efficiency processing. Providing 40% of the Canadian trustee firms with an impressive estate management solution and dedicated customer support.

In 2016 we brought together industry professionals from across the globe to complete an analysis of all our products, services, and to conduct an overall business review of the state of the insolvency business in Canada.

Our team saw a significant evolution in the requirements of the trustee firms as the insolvency market in Canada consolidated, increased competitiveness and managed reduced file volumes and escalating costs.

Aryza Canada’s management team saw an opportunity and worked to create the most robust, comprehensive Insolvency Estate Planning software platform. Incorporating new tools, robust features and a level of efficiency through automation never experienced by any trustee firms in Canada.

After 1.5 years and $1.5M of investment Aryza Canada is pleased to Release Insolvency Estate Planning Version 8.0.

Version 8.0: The complete optimization of Consumer Insolvency Estate Planning in Canada

Designed and developed specifically to meet the evolving functions of Canadian License Insolvency Trustee. 253 improvements all with the same goal, ensure that IPS users are the most efficient firms in Canada.

New Feature

Assets/Equity Calculator

Fully integrated equity calculator.  The calculator creates a report along with an equity master dashboard.  The report will show you the equity calculation with respect to the specific asset within each estate.  Whereas the dashboard will show you a practice wide view of all equity assets and workflow associated assets through management by exception.

New Feature

Assets Views

There now exists in the toolbar the ability to change the view of the assets screen.  This is designed to show the data using a specific filter.  Ex: Show me the asset list with respect to only realization and disposition

New Feature

Auto Docs Automatic Document Production

Ability to create a number of documents from the system either manually or automatically.  Auto docs will not only create any documents automatically it will trigger automatic delivery of the document through EDE.

Example of documents

·       NSF Letters to debtors

·       Missed Counselling Sessions

·       Asset letter- RRSP

Full list of auto docs including description is in the Auto Docs Section of IPS

New Feature

Auto E-Filing

The ability for the application to e-file the mandatory XML packages automatically without the need for the user to ever go into the OSB website to upload manually.

Auto- Efiling also automatically manages the OSB responses.

Providing IPS users response processing of the OSB results, directly uploading values of OSB response into Aryza Canada IPS estate.

The final step takes the OSB PDF response and depositing directly into the estate document library.

New Feature

Automated Banking

Aryza Canada IPS integrates with all Canadian banks and financial institutions.

Significant new features surrounding estate banking:

1.       PAP/PAD/EFT- Create and Process debtor payments from any financial institution – Feature includes users ability to fully automate the process.

2.       Automation associated to the creation and linking of transactions

3.       Payment Obligation (PO) UI and Wizard

4.       Auto bank reconciliation now accepts QBO file formats

New Feature

Electronic Signature

IPS offers trustee firms the ability to apply electronic signature to both forms and cheques.

This is a fully functional element in IPS, trustees can choose to use upon upgrading to Version 8.0. It should be noted that all software vendors are currently awaiting formal approval by the OSB on electronic signature application and regulation.

New Feature


Specific areas of the IPS application have the ability to be fully automated.

·       R&D Automation

·       Initial Filing Automation-associated to Auto Efiling

·       Banking/ PAP/EFT/PAD/ Bank Reconciliation

In each of these areas the users have the ability to turn the automation, which will provide large efficiency gains and improved cash flow tracking.

New Feature

The Jello

The idea behind what we call “The Jello” is the loose coupling of various key functions within the IPS system.

Creating a cohesive structure that can be simplified for users and subsequently automated to suit individual practices. The Jello set up is completely wizard based for ease of use by all firms

Jello is associated to:


Payment Obligations (PO)


Payment Schedule (PS)


The Banking (Post Dated PAP,CHQ,Cash)

New Feature


IPS now has integrated SMS functionality to allow trustees to send out SMS through reminder messages to their clients.

The SMS feature includes: Pr

·       Send messages manually directly from estate

·       Preschedule messages for delivery specific to date triggers, ie: send out a messages 3 days in advance of counselling session

·       Read replies and process automation associated to Yes/No responses

Expanded Feature


New and modified practice management dashboards have been added to IPS core features.

Dashboards Now Available






Tracking counselling sessions status with new filters associated

·       Counsellors assignment

·       past due sessions

·       future sessions

·       unrecorded status

Counselling dashboards will be expanded to meet New 2018 directive 1R4.


R&D Processing

Tracking specific to Auto R&D and highlights the workflow of the R&D

·       Validation

·       OSB delivery

·       Accepted, Rejected


Task Engine

Available to both back office set up or cradle to grave processing.

Process and Group loading specific to individual functions such as:

·       R&D

·       170’s



Global dashboards associated to all court requirements.



Global dashboard related to estate equity. Tracking includes:

·       Asset with equity filtering

·       Asset processing


File Review – Proposal

Global management of Division II proposals through management by exception process.  Highlights only estates that contain issues in the file.


PO/PS Issues

Global overview of payment obligations.  Highlighting through management by exception.

·       Funds received vs. funds expected.


POC Review

For users who are beta testing our POC service.

Processing automation of Proof of Claims.



Expanded the data on the current 170 dashboard.

Adding more filters allowing you to drill down faster and more accurately. Includes removal any 170’s that were already completed



Improved Archive dashboard to show all of the files that are eligible to be archived and any associated issues related to the file.


Discharge – Trustee

Expanded dashboard to include all of the files where a trustee discharge is eligible to be done and highlighting any associated issues preventing discharge.


Proposal Completion

Improved functionality and data presented to include:

·       Marked Completed that are not completed.

·       Marked incomplete that are completed.


Proposal Dividend

Enhanced tracking of proposal dividend processing by either amount or date.


Taxes – Post

Specific to UBERtax Users. Enhanced tracking of post bankruptcy tax returns.


Taxes – Pre

Specific to UBERtax Users.

Enhanced tracking of pre-bankruptcy tax returns


Discharge – Bankrupt

Practice management specific to Summary Estates, highlights all of the estates where a bankrupt discharge is eligible to be completed.


Discharge – Bankrupt

Practice management specific to Summary Estates, highlights all of the estates where a bankrupt discharge is eligible to be completed.


File Review – Bankruptcy

Practice management specific to Summary Administrations to highlight all the SA estates and any associated issues within the normal course of the estate processing.


IE Lock Eligibility

Global management of Summary Administrations that highlights when an estate is ready to be averaged and subsequently the 12 month extension locked.

See more of the 253 Version 8.0 Enhancements Below

Version 8.0 Core Function Enhancements

Improved Functionality


A complete review of R&D within IPS brought forth a long list of minor enhancements to improve user time to complete

Expanded Feature

Client Portal

Specific to Client portal users; The module has expanded capacity to included the ability for the debtor to see more of their estate data.  Added features of client portal include an integrated messaging service between debtor and trustee.

Expanded Feature

Custom Forms

Added the ability to import your custom Word docs and have the document auto populate, specific data directly from IPS database within the estate to fill the form.  Ex:  You can now print out an RRSP letter which will pull the values from the RRSP asset data. Right click the asset or liability and see the different types of custom forms available.  Each trustee can replace IPS generic forms with their own branded forms.



Updated Remittance Advice form with new address for the OSB



Bankruptcy Identification Form has new CRA address/fax within it

Experience the Power of IPS Version 8.0

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“I am really excited about the features you presented to us today in Version 8.0 of IPS. I have picked this program apart to see what we can use to save time and energy and what you have shown us today was mind blowing. I had used Ascend in my previous employment and I feel that UBERbase IPS Version 8.0 is mush more user friendly.”

Collette Willcott

Janes Noseworthy Licensed Insolvency Trustee

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