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aryza connect

Outsourced Insolvency case management for creditors

Aryza Connect is a managed service product allowing creditors to fully outsource their insolvency portfolio, supporting both formal and informal debt solutions across personal and corporate insolvency


Insolvency management for creditors enabling enhanced recovery via automation and system synchronisation

Connect platform is unique in the market due to it’s ability to synchronise directly with the IP’s case management system, a capability no other agent in the market has. This ensures Connect is reconciled between both the creditor and the IP, where other agents are reconciled one way.


Seamless connectivity with CMS

Connect Platform links directly to Aryza Insolvency, synchronising automatically and providing real time data transfer, ensuring data is fully reconciled between the Insolvency Practitioner and the creditor.


Configurable business information

Full performance insight into cash, case statuses and exceptions, which can be customised to your own views based on business need.


Support for all debt solutions

Connect caters for all debt solutions, both formal and informal across both the personal and corporate sectors with full or partial outsource avaliable.


Breadth of data

Connect covers the full insolvency market, capturing detail from every Insolvency Practitioner regardless of the system they use.


Real time communications

Access to creditor portal providing real time notification to creditors of new insolvencies for balance confirmation.


Unique access to insolvency data

Creditors have access to around 160,000 individual UK insolvency cases and 90 Insolvency Practitioners.


Selecting the right Trustee

Dedicated Trustee panel with intelligent Bankruptcy case placement ensuring the right Trustee for the case is appointed.


Identifying vulnerable consumers

Vulnerability flagging – supporting over 15% of consumers.


The Connect suite of products offer better performance, improved compliance and increased portfolio insight at a granular level

Automated and instant reassignment

Automatic system reconciliation with the IP brings additional benefits to debt sale and debt purchasing, with reassignment of the creditor happening instantaneously.

Identifying vulnerable customers

The system will automatically identify, flag, and address any areas where a customer may be vulnerable, ensuring their journey remains fair.

Automated rules-based decisioning

Automated decision engine reducing operational costs and ensuring consistent consumer treatment.

Unbeatable visibility

Every account status and exception is immediately visible, and consumers with vulnerabilities can be identified and communicated between all the stakeholders.

System based intelligence

Accounts will always reconcile between Connect and the IP, or be forced into exception queues. Dividends will not be distributed if accounts don’t match – exception reviews are forced by system.

Consistent and compliant journey

Compliance is managed at source, ensuring a strong customer journey.

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If you look at the results we’ve achieved from partnering with Aryza – they’re really staggering. Productivity levels have increased four-fold, we’re moving cases so much faster, we have much better client engagement, lower arrears. It’s just been a hugely beneficial partnership for us.

Creditfix Chairman

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