Debt purchasers

Debt Purchasers Software

Software to streamline the debt consolidation process

Providing tools to support debt purchasers, including value assessment of books prior to acquisition, automation of collections and repayment plans, and ongoing case reviews.

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average debt per adult in the UK
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Total credit card debt in January 2020

20 years experience working with the UK debt and insolvency market

We understand the impact of debt on consumers as well as the complex regulatory framework surrounding this industry, so we built software that addresses and manages both.


aryza recover

Aryza Recover is payment break management and arrears strategy software, providing automation of the customer collections, repayment and recovery journey.


aryza connect

Aryza Connect facilitates better, more positive engagement with the recovery process in a market where only 55% of creditors currently engage.


aryza creditor hub

Aryza Creditor Hub facilitating digital interaction between creditors and practitioners.

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UK Debt Statistics Report Cover

New report shows increase in the number struggling to manage their personal finances

aryza australia

Aryza expands global reach to launch Aryza Australia

Aryza announce new product to support digital transformation for SME lenders