DCA-Benchmark – Reduce Costs, Increase Repayment Rates, Improve Customer Loyalty with Multiple Collection Partners

As a receivables manager you achieve the best results when you work with more than one debt collection agency (DCA).  At Aryza we are convinced of this: healthy competition not only ensures significantly better performance. Only full transparency enables you to distribute outstanding debts to the most suitable DCAs in the best possible way.

What does transparency mean? The numerous collection agencies differ in many respects:

  • The fee rates for your company and your debtors vary.
  • DCAs differ in their focus, e.g. B2B/B2C.
  • Different DCAs have different approaches to debtor communication.
  • Small DCAs often cannot manage large portfolios due to limited resources.
  • DCAs can also get into financial difficulties – this entails default risks.

It is not only financial elements that DCAs can benchmark. Healthy competition ensures that DCAs implement regulatory requirements quickly and keep an eye on the ESG criteria that are so important today.

Philip Boland recently addressed questions like these in a webinar. Our debt collection expert is a practitioner himself and has been dealing with this topic for a long time.

Watch the recording now!