Part of Aryza’s new lending division, Aryza Journeyman has been exclusively developed for the home collections market, seamlessly supporting both loan origination and collection activities.

The platform is already being used by over 100 companies, from small owner operated businesses through to larger regional lenders.

Centred around the Journeyman administration module – the core engine which allows businesses to organise and filter their workflow on an agent-by-agent basis, the collections platform is proven to significantly improve operational efficiency.

Journeyman’s unique modular design means it can be deployed at the relevant point of any customer journey. The core modules, which are supported by associated sub-modules, offer the customer full specification flexibility.

A white labelled and fully configurable solution, the Journeyman web portal can link directly to a website and to the end-user, facilitating efficient document submission and finance applications. The powerful tool can also review key information on any current or outstanding loans.

For agents in the field, the Journeyman android app provides the core servicing functionality at their fingertips, allowing them to process payment collections and keep on top of reporting quickly and efficiently.

The app also allows agents to take new and existing customers through new loan applications, with the ability to execute the agreement on the device whilst capturing proofs to support lending decisions.

The document scanning tool is designed to streamline the administration process, documents received from customers, third parties and those generated by the system are all indexed and stored against customers and agreements.

Not only does this allow easy retrieval of all information, it helps with compliance and GDPR regulations.

Commenting on the introduction of Aryza Journeyman, Paul O’Sullivan, Aryza Lending Division CEO, said:

“We are pleased to launch the rebranded Aryza Journeyman as a part of Aryza Lending Solutions. Aryza Journeyman brings great benefit to customers, offering full specification flexibility and bringing significant performance uplift.”