Remove the costs and logistical challenge of creditor/debtor communications.

IPS Creditor Insolvency Notices is as Easy as 1,2,3

EDE is built into all IPS systems.  All LIT’s have access to EDE module and can easily process creditor insolvency notices and debtor notifications.

Within Version 8.0 IPS the intuitive task engine and workflow automation will seamlessly send your initial filing package to the OSB,  collect and “read” the Certificate of Appointment,  save the certificate to the integrated paperless document management, and then create and process every required creditor notice as per the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.  All with the click of the button.

Tools to enable your team as they work from remote or home offices.

The EDE system in IPS in Version 8 is now available to all IPS clients and linked directly to estate creation workflow with Auto E-Filing.  Our EDE service does all the heavy lifting, and the printing and folding too!  Would you like to hear more about how Aryza Canada can send out your creditor & debtor notifications automatically, saving your valuable staff time and reducing costs?  We have creditor notice virtual training schedules available for you and your team.

Automated paperless processing, creditor documents and auto E-filing are a few of the technology tools baked into IPS, designed to streamline insolvency processing and create efficiencies for your firm.