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Loan management software

Loan Management Software

Over the past year Aryza has doubled in size, and our loan origination solutions are being used by many small to medium sized lenders globally.  In North America we have introduced Aryza Lending Solutions to work with clients on all stages of the lending lifecycle, driving the deployment of Open Finance and alternative data sources to help lenders make better decisions and improve customer service.

Our cloud-hosted platforms support the entire lending lifecycle, from application through management and onto collections when necessary. Lenders can benefit from a holistic view on one single platform, facilitating the smoother running of operations and resulting in greater customer satisfaction. Alternatively standalone systems are available to provide support for specific challenges such as repayment management, automated recovery, acquisition programmes or dealing with declined customers.

What we can do for North American Lenders

Some of the biggest names in customer Credit and Financial services are working with us and enjoying the access to value-add innovation and developments that we deliver. We are now looking to introduce this technology to Canada and the USA. We would love to share with you some of our recent experience and successful outcomes that we have delivered for other clients and to arrange a walk through how our products can support all aspects of managing your lending portfolio.

Ethical, end to end solutions to help you manage the whole lending journey

For lenders, there are many benefits to having an integrated digitised loan management system. We’ve listed some of the key advantages of loan management software below, but this list is certainly not exhaustive:

  • Streamlines processes
  • Reduces reliance on paper documents
  • Minimises errors
  • Provides a superior customer experience (increased customer retention)
  • Easily assure compliance with automated processes
  • Offers scalability (provides tools to grow)
  • Predict revenue more accurately
  • Offers greater risk control

Is the entire credit lifecycle covered?


From processing and screening new customers to managing your active client portfolio, loan management software covers the entire loan lifecycle in one platform. Beginning with loan origination, lenders can quickly process new applications and assess risk with automated processes. From here, loan servicing and debt collection features help lenders track and manage active loans, ensuring that payments are received on time and customers are kept in the loop.

Which types of loans can be managed with our software?

Our award winning software solutions are suited for many other lenders too, so if your industry isn’t listed above but you would like to learn how we can help, please get in contact.

Our loan management software products are versatile in the types of loans that can be managed. Lenders that we often work with include:

  • Mortgage providers
  • Credit card providers
  • Car finance providers
  • Retail lending
  • Ecommerce lending
  • Bank Loans

Automation of the lending journey, from origination to recovery

Our loan management systems cater to all parts of the lending journey from origination to recovery, and can sit alongside, or independent to, any platforms already being used to manage existing loan customers.

aryza loan origination

Software for the origination of financial products quickly, automatically and cost-effectively

aryza loan administration

Manage the servicing of financial products quickly, automatically and cost-effectively

aryza acquire

Onboard new customers with an instant, accurate view of their finances

aryza sentinel

Introducing Aryza Sentinel, a flexible loan and lease management platform

aryza recover

A powerful tool for automating payment plans and collection strategies

Clients and partners

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