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Electronic Creditor Notices - save time and money, improve company focus and free up internal resources for jobs that really matter

Ease of Use

Just One Click of a mouse and ALL your Creditor Notices for every estate have been delivered.

Cost Saver

Control your operating costs – Guaranteed to be less expensive than in-house processing.

Faster & Reliable

Dedicated team equipped
with latest technology.

More Flexible

Pay As You Go
As your business grows our service scales with you.

Creditor package delivery should not be a time-consuming and annoying fact of your workday.

Aryza Canada can eliminate this annoyance, freeing up your time to do what you need to do: Manage your estates, not licking stamps. We have worked with the creditors and came up with a solution that works for both you and them.

Ease of Use
  • A click of a button and the package will be uploaded to us for processing
  • An alert to the trustee\administrator will be sent back if there are any issues
Save up to 75% compared to manual processing
  • Eliminate mailing department and IT infrastructure (high speed low cost printer)
  • No Labour
  • No envelopes
  • No paper
  • No postage
Let us demonstrate the power and cost savings of the creditor notifications

Our service based solutions are the future of Canadian Insolvency Practitioners.  Using our services and paying less will make your LIT firm more competitive. 

Faster, reliable and more flexible
  • Scalable to suit your firms fluctuating volumes of consumer and corporate files.
  • Fully OSB compliant and secure
  • Validates sending method, email, fax or snail mail. 
  • Pay for what you use, whether you chose to just send initial filing packages to creditors or embrace the service to send all creditor and debtor notifications.

How does Creditor Notifications work?

efiling creditor notices

Not all creditor notices can be delivered electronically, that is why EDE also includes manual processing of notices; printing, folding, envelopes, stamps and delivery to Canada Post depot.

Increase your competitiveness and bottom line with our integrated and automated Creditor Notice Delivery System. End expensive processing time, printing, processing, mailing, envelopes, faxing and stamps.

Aryza Canada IPS Version 8 automatically creates and delivers your initial filing packages to all creditors.  All of your creditor and debtor documents with the click of a button.

Effective Jan. 13, 2020, Canada Post will be increasing the price of stamps associated to creditor notifications. The increase will bring the price of stamps for creditor packages to $0.89 for SA or Division II proposal and $1.89 for a OA or Division 1 Proposal.

EDE is activated in your current version of IPS,  For training on how to set up your EDE creditor bundles or training on the system, please contact support, we are pleased to assist.

We will reduce your expenses and increase efficiency of your firm.

Why continue to do the mundane jobs when we can do it for you at a fraction of the cost?

We have a state of the art setup that allows us to use the volume of our clients to drive your price per package to an all time low.

Our Current Customers agree

This service is pretty awesome!

Every year, trustees consistently agree this round the clock creditor delivery system is the best “End to End” solution. Aryza Canada is geared to handle high volumes and allows the trustee to batch process creditor documents nightly or real-time process them immediately.

Document creation, processing and delivery become a single event that changes how creditor notifications are handled. With Aryza Canada outsourced processing, trustees reduce costs, improve quality and have the ability to scale as their business grows.

Included with System

  • Trustee controlled setup module within IPS including importing office
  • Trustee custom logo upload, custom forms capability
  • Training Video included
  • 1 remote office training session ( as required)
  • Delivery time, guaranteed 5 business days, most delivery is within 24h
  • Confirmation of delivery, affidavit of sending 

Processing of all Consumer creditor and debtor packages includes

  • All venues of process, fax, email and print
  • All types of documents, initial filing packages, 170’s, R&D’s
  • All reports, pdf’s, documents that needs to be sent to creditor or debtor.
  • All Creditors

Service Includes

  • 1 year contract
  • Guarantee All creditor initial filing packages for consumer estates( SA & Div II) will go through the EDE system


  • Commercial Estates (OA, DIV I)
  • Any additional creditor or debtor reports or documents are at the discretion of the trustee.

Let’s see what we can achieve together

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