Aryza Originate: Revolutionising Loan Origination in Canada

Aryza, a leading global provider of data-driven software solutions for credit and debt management, has launched its innovative loan origination software, Aryza Originate, in the Canadian market.

With a strong focus on improving people’s financial health, Aryza aims to revolutionise the loan application process through seamless collaboration, workflow automation, and client engagement software solutions in high-volume, highly complex environments. Our award-winning solutions are underpinned by a modern technology stack and driven by continuous innovation.

Backed by cutting-edge technology and ceaseless ingenuity, Aryza Originate offers an end-to-end solution with a market-leading proposition of functionality and aggregated services, all hosted on a secure and resilient cloud infrastructure (AWS).

Streamlining the loan application journey is essential for success

Aryza Originate is a game-changer, designed to transform the application process for customers, introducing a fully digital and automated loan origination journey which will redefine the way borrowers and lenders interact. By leveraging the latest technology, the software empowers users to manage financial products, enhancing backend processes and optimising efficiency quickly and cost-effectively. This transformative approach leads to increased customer satisfaction and a smoother experience for borrowers.

Benefitting customers with advanced capabilities

The software offers a wide range of functions and capabilities that benefit lenders and brokers in several ways. By automating manual tasks and optimising dynamic customisable workflows, the software ensures affordability for all types of lenders, driving cost reduction and operational efficiency. The streamlined processes enable faster transactions, propelling lending firms to unprecedented growth and become larger organisations due to the software’s unparalleled operational capabilities.

Aryza Originate sets itself apart with its host of key benefits. The software provides unrivalled scalability, unlocking unprecedented process efficiencies, reducing operational costs, and accelerating decision-making. Organisations can seamlessly handle increased volumes, paving the way for unmatched growth and success. The white-labelling capability allows lenders to project their brand seamlessly, while the adaptable rule-based framework ensures flexibility to cater to unique business needs without compromising efficiency or reliability.

The software’s versatility enables a wide array of loan products to be handled with ease, from mortgages, SBA, equipment and personal to commercial and auto loans, empowering customers to seize every opportunity by catering to a wide variety of loans to ensure all customer’s needs are met. This will look to increase lenders profitability and reduce cost acquisition and risk with credit decisions.

Through Aryza Originate, lenders have greater insights into their business through the products analytics tools, simplifying and accelerating the loan application process for customers through an entirely digital journey.

Addressing regulatory challenges in Canada

The launch of Aryza’s loan origination software in Canada comes at a crucial time, as the country faces regulatory challenges within its mortgage industry.

With a high emphasis on mortgages in Canada, major issues are pertaining the mortgage industry. For example, interest and inflation rates continue to increase unless certain measures are not implemented, and property prices have skyrocketed, making it almost impossible for first-time buyers to purchase a property.

With mortgage rates expected to continue to rise, household debt has grown leading to increased defaults, and as interest rates increase, high LTI (loan-to-income), TDS (total debt service), and GDS (gross debt service) ratios have also contributed to increased insolvencies and bankruptcies.

Lenders now need to ensure they have the flexibility to adapt to these government guidelines and Aryza Originate provides access control which customers can personally change to adapt to their market; future-proofing businesses against regulatory changes and putting control back in their hands. Aryza Originate addresses these challenges by incorporating features such as MQR (Mortgage Qualifying Rate), decision automation for underwriters, property value assessment, credit checks, and income verification. These features will help solve the issues faced by lenders in the Canadian market as it offers enhance administration and risk management frameworks, promotes regulatory compliance, reduces delinquencies and potential defaults, and assists mortgage originators in identifying borrowers based on guidelines provided by the OFSI.

Aryza is going from strength to strength

Aryza stands out as the ideal choice for lenders and brokers in Canada, backed by an impressive track record. With an impressive 100,000 loan applications processed daily, Aryza’s robust systems and industry expertise manage over $14 Billion Canadian Dollars in live lending, supporting over 300 lenders globally to offer seamless project management and integration.

Aryza isn’t just a local hero—it’s a global sensation. With a customer base spanning more than 1,250 customers in twelve countries across EMEA, North America, and Australasia, Aryza offers global flexibility and a commitment to growth and innovation. With a dedicated team of over 500 employees and a wealth of combined industry knowledge and experience exceeding an impressive 200 years, Aryza is proud to have a rich heritage of being a trusted partner for lenders and brokers worldwide, delivering award-winning automation for all aspects of loan origination.

Aryza’s passion for making a positive impact doesn’t stop in the financial realm. Our commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles ensures responsible growth and investment in future solutions to support customers. Moreover, the company prioritises security, holding ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certifications, along with FSQS registration, guaranteeing the highest levels of data protection.

Aryza’s entry into the Canadian market with its loan origination software, Aryza Originate, is set to revolutionise and create a seismic shift in the lending landscape. Enabling a transformative experience, lending and borrowers will be empowered by a fully digital, automated, and user-friendly loan application journey. With the software’s unprecedented advancements, it will offer unrivalled cost reductions, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction; alongside tailored solutions meticulously crafted to tackle the Canadian regulatory challenges. We are looking to redefine the very essence of lending, reshaping the lending landscape, setting new standards of excellence and propelling businesses to unparalleled heights of success. With its advanced capabilities, unique selling points, and tailored solutions for regulatory challenges, Aryza proves to be the ideal partner for lenders and brokers seeking to transform their loan origination processes in Canada.