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“Young adults with life-threatening illnesses often lack the money”

Our charity initiative, ‘Ride With Aryza,’ aims to raise funds for people suffering from cancer. One organization set to benefit from our donations is LebensdurstICH e.V. Charlotte, the vice-chair, shares how the initiative supports those affected.

How did LebensdurstICH e.V. get started?

Charlotte: The inspiration to start the organization came from Tanja Wächter, a fellow student of our founders, who was diagnosed with skin cancer in the summer of 2011. The question, ‘Who helps young people in such situations?’ highlighted a significant need. LebensdurstICH e.V. was established to address this gap, dedicated to Tanja.

How are the donations typically used? Are there specific projects?

Charlotte: We focus on three main projects:

  1. We organize an annual sailing trip on the Baltic Sea with over 20 participants, helping those affected connect with peers and feel they’re not alone in their struggle.
  2. In 2022, we purchased a small chalet in the Netherlands, where the sick can take a break from their daily struggles with illness at no cost, along with family or friends.
  3. We also fulfill wishes or support the purchase of medical aids not covered by health insurance, significantly easing daily life.

Is there a particular story that stands out to you?

Charlotte: The 2017 sailing trip was my first memorable experience with LebensdurstICH e.V., where I participated as someone affected. Connecting with peers was so valuable to me that I decided to become an active volunteer, enabling others to have similar experiences.

How can people get involved with LebensdurstICH e.V., and what kind of support is needed the most?

Charlotte: We’re always happy to welcome new people eager to support and contribute ideas. Young individuals interested in direct support for young people with serious illnesses are welcome, whether it’s organizing wishes or hosting game nights at the university hospital. We also appreciate help in organizational tasks, public relations, fundraising, or administration. Donations help us a lot because we all work as volunteers and need donations to make wishes come true.

What are some of the unique challenges LebensdurstICH e.V. has faced, and is there a success you find particularly important?

Charlotte: Our dream of offering a seaside house in the Netherlands where young people with acute illnesses can take a break became a reality in 2022. Many young adults with life-threatening diseases can’t afford a vacation due to financial hardships caused by their illness. We provide a comprehensive package at no cost, including covering additional expenses like cleaning and key services, and we support travel costs. However, we rely on donations to make this possible.

What future plans does LebensdurstICH e.V. have, such as expanding the offer or potential new locations?

Charlotte: We aim to make our holiday home accessible for disabled and wheelchair users, including installing a wheelchair ramp and planning interior modifications suitable for mobile homes. Our services are already available nationwide, with no plans for international expansion.

Info: From January 1 to June 30, 2024, Aryza, together with our colleagues, clients, and partners, will raise funds to support cancer organizations. Our goal is to cycle 42,000 km, the equivalent of once around the world, under the motto ‘Ride With Aryza.’”

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From January 1 to June 30, 2024, we at Aryza, along with our colleagues, clients, and partners, are raising money to support cancer organizations. Our goal is to cycle 42,000 km, the equivalent of once around the world, all in line with the motto “Ride With Aryza.”
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