Document Management System – Paperless Office

Aryza Canada Paperless Suite is now included within Aryza Insolv

Start off in an organized and consistent fashion – going paperless lowers costs and saves the environment.

Aryza Insolv provides Trustees a competitive advantage with a fully functional paperless document management system included in the current platform. Document control software designed specifically for Insolvency Professionals by Insolvency Professionals.

  • Improves quality of Process of Estates
  • Easy to use, easy set up
  • Complete control over data, onsite storage
  • Highest level of security – guarantees protected and encrypted
  • Designed specifically to improve insolvency practice efficiency
  • Eliminates third party solutions & the expensive monthly fees
  • Eliminates multiple process platforms
  • Eliminates offsite storage of data and files
  • Guarantees
  • OSB TERK compliance
  • OSB Requires Trustees to implement a paperless office solution

Fully functional in Aryza Insolv and now released to users of Ascend, ISS or other proprietary software.

No need to switch insolvency platforms to harness the benefits and savings of moving towards document management.

Features include:

  • Bar code scanning
  • Drop and drag asset and liability management
  • Scan & organize
  • Email integration
  • Fax storage
  • Encryption
  • Workflow integration
  • Document audit, edit and revision history
  • Document search & find within estates or globally
  • Managed set up
  • Live help training and support
  • No added cost included with Aryza Insolv license.

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