Insol6 is now Aryza

Insol6 is now Aryza

Insol6 joined the Aryza Group in 2022 and moving forward all products and services will be rebranded as Aryza.


Who is Aryza?

Aryza is a global software solutions business, servicing customers at every stage of the credit-debt cycle and providing automated solutions for lending, debt, insolvency, and arrears management.

What this means to Insol6 Clients?

  • There will be very little change to the existing clients. There will be no impact to products and services delivered. The insolvency software will be renamed “Insolv” in due course.
  • Communications via support, email and phone will be via the Aryza website (links are below)
  • We will be closing down the Insol6 website, pages for you to log tickets or contact us will be provided on the Aryza website.
  • You can view the new Aryza Website here

Will the Insol6 product change its name?

Yes the product will be known as Aryza Insolv moving forwards

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