aryza debtsense

Help your customers resolve debts, and move towards a brighter financial future.

Customer friendly digital support for those struggling with their finances

Help your customers get out of debt faster, and feel more in control of their personal finances, with a full, easy to understand overview of their situation so they can make better choices.

Features & Functionality

Giving your customers the support they need to find the best debt solution

DebtSense allows you to gain a detailed picture of a consumer’s affordability position by bringing together key insights from Open Banking, credit bureaux and the consumer, captured through easy to use digital tools. This insight is then passed through an intelligent rules engine to produce personalised outcomes for each consumer whether that be understanding the options for new debt solutions or running annual reviews on existing accounts.

DebtSense streamlines your data collection process by providing a simple and intuitive digital service for consumers and agents, to ensure everyone has the key information needed to make informed decisions.

Built to reflect your brand

Debtsense can be 'white-labelled' to reflect your brand and messaging and provide reassurance to your customers.

Seamless connectivity with CMS

Integrates with Case Management tools for the simple transfer and management of case details without the need for re-keying.

Reliable and consistent data

Provide an in depth and accurate overview of finances based on open banking and credit bureau data along with your chosen questions.

Simple SFS presentation of finances

Convert the data gathered into a
Standard Financial Statement (SFS).

Automated rules-based decisioning

Apply rules to the SFS and provide a decision system that presents the consumer with the best outcome for their current position.

Simple user interface

Customers can simply upload documents to complete their application, and include other supplementary information.

Build a unique view of your customers

Tailored questions available, to understand affordability and vulnerability.

Data security is built in

All data is securely stored in Azure servers.

Support for your agents

Full end-to-end digital journey, also has a fully configurable Agent interface that enables an assisted journey supported by call centre staff if required.

Automate account reviews

Annual Review capability to automate and document the entire process.

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Helping customers find the best debt solution for their situation

Give your customer the best automated advice

Debt advice – The system can work with your own debt advice permissions to provide the best outcomes for consumers. Or we can suggest a partner to provide debt advice to your struggling customers.

Simple user experience – effective outcomes

An enhanced experience – Aryza Debtsense makes a difficult time easier to manage, using Open Banking, credit reports, affordability scores, AML checks, I&E data and signposting consumers to appropriate solutions.

Fits into your own journey and brand

Simple integration – White label partners can integrate Debtsense into their existing journey, enhancing their offering without disrupting their customers’ experience. The digital journey is supported by an ‘assisted journey’ that agents can access.

An accurate overview

Our simple, secure and customer-centric platform builds a clear picture of affordability, so that both consumers and solution providers know where they stand.

Deeper understanding

We help people take control of their situation by giving them the knowledge, understanding and bespoke guidance they need to make better financial choices.

Speedy customer journey

It will take the consumer a matter of minutes to conduct their initial application.

Minimal impact on in-house IT

You won’t need heavy IT resources to implement the software into your systems, and as speed-to-market is a priority, you can expect to be up and running within 5-6 weeks.

Get in touch to see how Aryza Debtsense can help your business

Few people are comfortable discussing their financial situation, so it’s understandable that those experiencing problems struggle with the finer details. We have worked with Aryza to make it easier for organisations to work with people in this situation, by using Open Banking so people can share their data digitally and securely.

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