Case Study: Pinkcube

A beautifully renovated school building on the outskirts of the Dutch town of Doetinchem is the headquarters of Pinkcube, a supplier of promotional products and gifts. The company has quickly become a leading online player in this highly competitive sector under the motto “Effortlessly the most beautiful result”. For accounts receivable management, Pinkcube has been using Aryza Dunning, a software solution from Aryza, since 2016.

About Pinkcube

Speed is one of Pinkcube’s key core values, because that’s what promotional product buyers are looking for. A quote is sent within a minute, a free digital print with the customer’s logo, for example, within an hour. Speed is not only a priority in the delivery of products, but also in the response time of customer service via chat, email or telephone. Pinkcube always combines speed with the company’s other core values: effortless ordering, security and quality. The latter is achieved, among other things, by working with clear flat-rate prices and strictly selected suppliers.

Accounts receivable management at Pinkcube

All these customers and their orders are linked to a cash flow that Martijn and Karien are jointly responsible for.


In 2016, we switched to Aryza Dunning for accounts receivable management. The software we used before could not handle the growth. It cost us extra time and, as a result, it wasn’t consistent enough. At some point we started to look at how things could be done differently. Then Aryza Dunning came into the picture, partly because they happened to order promotional items from us. That was five years ago now, and in all that time the system has worked satisfactorily.


Martijn Pouwels and Karien Helmink from Pinkcube’s finance department

A large part of the customers pay in advance, another part pays afterwards. “The basic principle,” says Martijn Pouwels, “is that customers pay when they order, preferably via the Dutch payment service provider iDEAL. They want to get the money as soon as possible, of course. When completing the order, the customer has the choice between different payment options.

Aryza Dunning is required for invoice customers who are in arrears. A big advantage is that Aryza Dunning is a partner of Exact, the software we use for our accounting. Every day we synchronise the invoices in Exact with the information in Aryza Dunning. In the software we have set up the workflow in four phases: with a reminder, a call, a call and an email as a last chance. We handle this very carefully. For example, we do an additional synchronisation to process later incoming payments. We also do a final check of the bank book before sending reminders.”

Aryza Dunning is the dashboard that allows us to see how debtors are behaving and what actions we need to take. It works perfectly.

– Martijn Pouwels


Aryza Dunning in action

The note function of Aryza Dunning is also well used, for example to record the agreements made after a phone call. Karien Helmink: “This is always useful to refer back to in the next phase. The system keeps an extensive history of the client. For example, to see how things went with a previous order that was not paid on time.

This way, Pinkcube’s finance department only deals with non-payments when it is really necessary. Martijn Pouwels: “We no longer see every invoice. Invoices are automatically created in our ordering system and from there they automatically go to the accounting department and then automatically back into Aryza Dunning. Whereas we used to check every single item manually, we now mainly monitor processes at the highest level. Aryza Dunning is a good link to Exact and provides us with continuous insight that allows us to anticipate, react faster and therefore get our money quicker.”

Aryza Dunning also comes into play in a possible final step, when it is certain that the invoice will not be paid and Pinkcube calls in the collection agency. Karien Helmink: “They also use Aryza Dunning. The advantage is that we can transfer the entire file at the touch of a button. Our collection partner then gets a pop-up on the screen and can start working immediately. And in Aryza Dunning we can track what action they take, how the debtor reacts and whether payments have been received. Ideal.”

Benefits at a glance

  • Time and cost savings through automated, individually adaptable processes and workflows
  • Fast scalability and flexibility through application in the cloud (Software as a Service)
  • Available for different devices, such as cell phone and tablet, and in several languages
  • Reduced DSO leads to improved cash flow

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