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Supporting Cancer Patients in Ireland: The Irish Cancer Society

Discover how the Irish Cancer Society is a vital community dedicated to providing free support, care, and resources to cancer patients and their families in Ireland. From counseling to transportation services, learn how your donations make a difference in the fight against cancer. The Irish Cancer Societay is one of the organisations that will benefit from donations as part of our ‘Ride With Aryza’ initiative.

Who is the Irish Cancer Society and what do you do??

ICS The Irish Cancer Society is a community of patients, survivors, volunteers, supporters, health and social care professionals, and researchers. It envisions an Ireland where no one dies from cancer and where everyone affected by the disease has access to world-class treatment, care, and support.

We provide free information, support, and care to cancer patients and their loved ones. We fund cancer research to ensure the lowest risk of getting cancer, the best treatment if we do, and the most hope of thriving afterwards. We also work to keep cancer on the government’s agenda, campaigning on issues that affect cancer patients in Ireland.

What support do you provide to people affected by cancer?

ICS For those impacted by cancer, we offer person-to-person support through our Daffodil Centres and free phone and email support through our Support Line. Last year, our Support Line and Daffodil Centre nurses had more than 28,000 supportive and comforting conversations with people affected by cancer.

We provide a volunteer driving service that drives patients to and from their chemotherapy appointments. Last year, we provided more than 22,000 free drives, bringing over 2,200 patients to and from cancer treatment safely.

We have a Night Nursing Service that provides end-of-life care to patients in the comfort of their home at night. Last year, we provided 9,831 nights of Night Nursing care.

We also offer additional psychological supports to those affected by cancer, including peer support and in-person and remote counseling. Last year, we provided almost 15,000 counseling sessions.

We have a children’s fund for families financially impacted by a childhood cancer diagnosis. We also provide specialized camps and creative and complementary therapy services to children, adolescents, and young adults affected by cancer.

What do you use donations for?

ICS The Irish Cancer Society typically receives only 5% of its funding from the state. This means we rely heavily on donations to continue our work providing free supports and services to those who need it, as well as our work in cancer research and lobbying the government on cancer-related issues.

  • €30 can help provide transport for a patient to and from their chemotherapy treatment using the Irish Cancer Society’s Volunteer Driver Service.
  • €50 can help provide vital clinical equipment for an Irish Cancer Society Night Nurse.
  • €60 will cover the cost of a counseling session to help a person cope with a cancer diagnosis in their life.
  • €430 will cover the cost of one night of Night Nursing, providing end-of-life care to a patient in their own home.

Where can people get support?

ICS If you or anyone you know needs support, you can speak with one of our cancer nurses by phone at 1800 200 700, by email at [email protected], or in person at one of our Daffodil Centres located in hospitals across the country.

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From January 1 to June 30, 2024, we at Aryza, along with our colleagues, clients, and partners, are raising money to support cancer organizations. Our goal is to cycle 42,000 km, the equivalent of once around the world, all in line with the motto “Ride With Aryza.”
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