Aryza Launches Aryza Decide: Redefining Credit Risk Management in Lending 

Aryza Group, a leading provider of financial software solutions, has launched Aryza Decide, a dynamic lending decision engine that empowers financial institutions to swiftly bring innovative products to market while maintaining full control over their credit risk management processes. 

Aryza Decide is a standalone platform meticulously crafted to streamline lending operations, allowing organisations to effectively manage the credit risk journey in-house. Its cloud-based decision engine automates lending decisions, offering unparalleled simplicity and ease of use. With Aryza Decide, customers gain full autonomy over their lending decisions, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing dependency on third-party providers. 

The platform enables users to easily create and manage comprehensive rule sets using a simple interface, enabling organisations to handle decisioning rules internally. Tailor-made scorecards facilitate managing risk rates across multiple products, leveraging pre-defined rules to optimise decision-making processes, ensuring precision and flexibility in lending operations. 

Organisations can connect with a wide array of data sources, including seamless integration and embedding from credit reference agencies, open banking providers, ID&V, and AML checks enabling them to enhance decision-making capabilities, mitigate risk, manage scorecards, and expedite underwriting processes. Aryza Decide facilitates cost reduction by automating manual tasks, lowering acquisition costs, and optimising resource allocation. Its intuitive interface offers configuration simplicity, putting organisations in full control of their lending journey.  

“Aryza Decide marks a significant milestone in our commitment to empowering lenders with innovative solutions,” said Paul O’Sullivan, Head of Banking and Lending at Aryza. “We’re thrilled to offer a platform that not only streamlines lending operations but also empowers organisations to take charge of their credit risk management processes and lending decisions with confidence.”