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aryza australia – formerly Insol6

With a focus on assisting professional restructuring firms, we help you move toward a more connected, flexible, and results-driven culture

Tools available include:

  • Banking Integration
  • Single Touch Payroll (STP)
  • Process Automation
  • ARITA Standards
  • ​Payment Authorisations
  • Insolvency Case Management Systems
  • Auditing and Security
  • Compliance
  • Creditors’ Portal and voting online
  • Integrations
  • Cloud Services

Banking Integration

Spend less time entering payments and more time evaluating your financial position. Make your banking systems secure and audit friendly.

  • Unprecedented level of security and audit history
  • View statement detail
  • View a centralised reconciliation of all accounts
  • Produce bank statements and part of statutory compliance workflow
  • Auto create bank fees and interest.
  • Make payments electronically and securely
  • View the bank cleared status of uploaded transactions
  • Integrate banking alerts and approvals into your workflow
  • Receive daily bank movement alerts
  • Send payment remittance advices.

Download the full fact sheet here

Single Touch Payroll (STP)

STP is the new way of reporting tax and super information for employees to the ATO.  When employing people as part of an insolvency appointment, we can help you. 

Each time you create a payroll entry or a payment to an employee you can submit STP electronically using our ATO authorised software. 

Payroll has always been a part of our offering and we cater for all types of payments that need to be reported under STP.

For more see our knowledgebase here

Insolvency Case Management Systems

Our insolvency case management system sets the standard for feature rich software. Some of the highlights include:

  • An accrual-based accounting system
  • Statutory reporting
  • Tax reporting
  • Centralised payment production
  • Compliance tracking and checklists
  • Precedent management
  • Document production
  • Asset Register
  • Statement of Position and projections
  • Creditor management
  • Dividend production
  • Employees and payroll
  • Document authorisation
  • Payment authorisations
  • Configurable security
  • Central counterparty and contact management
  • Practice reporting.

Process Automation

Automation starts with small steps. Whether it is document production and approval, compliance management, payment authorisations, DMS integration, company search integration, or process automation through the web, let us help you become more efficient.

Dive into your business processes to turn time-consuming processes from challenge to strength, so you can spend your time more productively.

Let us assist you with a managed implementation plan for special projects.

ARITA Standards

With the full suite of ARITA templates and updates, ensure your document packs are always tuned in to the latest legislation.

Super charge your document production by harnessing the power of ARITA industry standard templates and precedents to ensure your processes are up-to-date and you cover all bases.

If you subscribe to ARITA templates, then contact support for our pre-coded document packs and tasks.

We provide all templates pre-coded and distributed for you.

Payment Authorisations

Modernise your approach to payment approvals. Using an electronic system can reduce your costs and improve your efficiency by linking to electronic documents. Raise invoices when they arrive and pre-allocate the future date of payment allowing you to keep track of when and how much is due.

Implement security and audit trails to reduce your risk.

Auditing and Security

Are you protected?  Managing other people’s money comes with great responsibility. To ensure you have bullet-proof systems and processes for handling funds, contact us to see how we can help you track audit history and keep information secure.


Whether you’re monitoring statutory tasks, lodgements or BAS returns we can help you set up your checklists. We can help you review your processes to ensure you are up to date and compliant.

Use our insolvency specific systems to know what you have to do and where you are.


We provide all the integration services you need:

  • Practice Management integrations
  • DMS integration
  • Company search integration
  • Time keeping integration.

Creditors’ Portal and voting online

The creditors’ portal provides the latest in creditor communications.

  • Post documents to creditors using our online repository
  • Allow creditors to securely submit their claims and bank details
  • Branded for your practice
  • Allow creditors to vote in real-time in meetings or on resolutions online. Display the outcome.

Download the fact sheet on online polls here

We provide a separate claim processing channel that is designed for class action distributions accessible here

Cloud Services

Our software is fully cloud-enabled.

  • Host your SQL Azure database in the cloud for the perfect high-performance remote setup
  • Store all your document files using Microsoft Azure file storage, so your files are always available wherever you are
  • Access the software using a remote application or use your desktop software to access documents and data from the cloud.

We can assist with deciding on the right infrastructure for you or setting up hosted environments.

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