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Aryza Products for Banking

Support to automate the acquisition and monitoring of customers, arrears and recovery and customer engagement

Aryza and Experian have created new products for the banking sector, to help your customers apply for new products, resolve their debts, and move towards a brighter financial future.

Software solutions for your customers

We have worked with some of the biggest names in banking to develop these products and create the solutions your customers needs

Review Affordability

As part of the customer management process, we have developed powerful self-serve tools to allow your customers to provide detailed financial information quickly, easily, and securely. The result is a tried and tested tool to build an accurate picture of affordability and vulnerability and to automate outcomes for your customers. Customers can also simply upload documents to complete their application.

Apply Rules

Aryza products provide an in depth and accurate overview of finances based on open banking and credit bureau data. This is converted into a Standard Financial Statement (SFS). In-built decision systems apply rules to the SFS and provide an ‘advice model’ that presents the consumer with the best outcome for their current position.

Stay Secure & Consistent

All of the data gathered is stored in a secure Azure server, and it is simple to transfer into CRM systems via API or batch file transfer. There is also an agent assisted interface that allows your agents to talk customers through the digital journey if required.

Onboard new customers simply, securely, and consistently based on your campaign processes

Aryza Acquire is used in banking as a digital on boarding platform that allows consumers to self-serve, with an instant, accurate view of their finances. It dovetails with your existing workflows and software providing your prospects with a white-labelled acquisition area. The interface is simple, and allows your brand to be at the front of the consumer’s mind. We know that IT integration can be a challenge, so the Aryza products are designed to be light touch with little information needed from your IT team.

Help consumers find the best options for their needs

The banking sector uses Aryza Decline to provide other, non-lending options to consumers who may be unsuitable for a loan, mortgage or credit card.

It combines application information with Open Banking data and delivers an instant view of alternatives.

Our systems are also built to support your agents in delivering best customer outcomes through an assisted journey interface.

Build consumer confidence and engagement

Aryza Engage helps you build lifetime value with your customers. You can seamlessly support them to financial health by helping them manage things like:

Benefit checker
to see if there are any benefits they may be entitled to

Bill switching
our partnership with Uswitch can present alternatives for utilities, mobiles and broadband deals that may be cheaper for consumers

Tax refund
calculator to review the amount of tax paid and reveal if the consumer is due a refund

Car insurance
for alternative and more cost-effective options.

Manage Arrears and Payment Plans

Inevitably some customers will fall into payment difficulties with their account. Aryza Recover allows you to manage this situation sensitively through an automated series of communications with customers that are defaulting. The software then gathers information on affordability and vulnerability, and signposts the customer to an appropriate outcome.

The stats speak for themselves

Our products are transforming the way the banking sector speaks to consumers, and perhaps more importantly makes the financial journey simpler, delivering what is most important for the consumer.

Our products have been designed to work together or in isolation to improve the financial health and wellbeing of your customers

They also offer great benefits to the banking sector:

Our white label software provides a branded area for your customers to explore ways to improve their finances, positioning your business as wanting the best for the consumer

The digital journey can be used with no impact on existing collection processes or software and can be deployed with very little technical support required

Our simple user experience is responsive and available 24/7

Aryza products are results driven, and typically generate:

Aryza Digital Consumer Products for banking deliver the best outcome, for you and your customers

If you want to chat to us about how our digital consumer products can transform your customer experience, and make a real impact on your operations, simply give us a call on 0800 072 0092 or book a meeting with our Head of Consumer Products below.

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