Aryza Partner programme

The Aryza Partner Programme is designed to help businesses grow and thrive by providing access to resources, technology, and expertise from Aryza. The program helps businesses to create and expand their networks, build relationships with key partners, and access the latest technology and innovation.

We’ve helped our customers and partners to create and deliver solutions that improve the financial health and lives of the millions of people worldwide.

We believe in the added value of partnership

We are one of the leading providers of debt management and insolvency solutions, loan origination and management, digital credit and receivables management solutions for corporates, banks and collection agencies. An important part of this success is the cooperation with our partners.

We want to grow further. We have made a promise to ourselves to support more clients in their digital transformation, enabling them to work more successfully and achieve more with less effort, e.g.

  • manage their business risks smarter
  • communicate quickly and digitally with their customers
  • empower their employees
  • improve the end customer experience

We achieve all this together with our partners.


Our partner programme offers a range of specialist services to insolvency businesses, banks, lenders and other corporates. These services are designed to help them manage insolvency, restructuring and debt recovery processes more efficiently and effectively.

Become a partner


Reseller & Lead referral partner

As a Reseller & Lead Partner, you will be able to resell Aryza’s services, or generate leads and introduce customers to Aryza’s products and services. You will be able to provide support with onboarding customers and provide feedback on Aryza’s product roadmap. You will also be able to create custom packages tailored to each customer’s needs and provide technical support.

ISV Partner

As an ISV Partner, you can integrate Aryza’s services into your existing products and services. You will be able to offer customers a comprehensive solution and provide technical support, custom integrations, and service deployment.

Services Partner

As Services Partner, you advise customers and implement products. With industry and process know-how, you integrate our innovative software products from the cloud.

Technology Partner

As a Technology Partner, you will be able to resell our services through your existing technology infrastructure and platform. You will be able to develop custom integrations, provide technical support, and deploy Aryza’s services on your infrastructure.

Our Partners

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