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Aryza 2021 ESG Report: Tangible impact in a challenging year

Now available to download

At Aryza, we are committed to having a positive impact on our workplace, environment, governance and leadership, as well as the wider marketplace.

Find out more – the Aryza 2021 environmental, social, and governance (ESG) Report is available to download now.

A word from our CEO

2020 put ESG considerations under the spotlight in a way none of us predicted, with the ‘S’ coming into focus. Many businesses and consumers were put under extreme stress, including financial stress. The already financially vulnerable were impacted the most. Many businesses on which individuals depended, such as banks, lenders, utility providers, and debt advice providers have struggled to respond as the world came to a standstill during the pandemic amidst lockdowns.

We have always thought Aryza had an important role to play in helping build financial health of consumers and SMEs. This year tested our capabilities and resolve.

Aryza swiftly responded to challenges both internally and externally, benefitting from an agile business model and a committed and capable team of experts. We continued to support our customers, delivering high quality services in a business-as-usual fashion. In addition, we leveraged our expertise and resources to build tools to help others deal with the stress of Covid-19. In 2020 we launched our Aryza Recover product in partnership with Experian, a digital tool that allows consumers to take control of their financial situation and make better financial decisions.

And despite the shock of Covid-19, we have also continued on our journey of improving ESG metrics which we have defined as key for the business – covering marketplace, workplace, community and the environment. During the year, we saw an increase in the number of customers supported by Aryza, supported growth of diverse SMEs, improved diversity of the Aryza team, and reduced our impact on the environment.

I’m proud of the team and what we have achieved despite the challenges the year brought, and I look forward to continuing to deliver against our mission of shaping healthier financial experiences for individuals around the world.

Colin Brown

Governance established to support Aryza’s commitment to deliver effective and sustainable positive impact on people’s financial health

Corporate governance

Aryza has implemented a structured governance and risk framework to meet the needs of an evolving business. Open and honest working is at the heart of the company’s values and is key to maintaining high standards of conduct and ethics.

The framework sets out clear and ethical standards to assist everybody at Aryza make the right decisions. This is supported by policies and procedures covering areas such as anti-bribery and corruption, gifts and hospitality, complaint handling, financial crime prevention, whistleblowing, treatment of vulnerable customers and more.

Governance bodies and their key responsibilities:

Pioneering software for the debt journey, designed to positively impact financial wellbeing

ESG is integrated into our day to day business – our products tangibly improve outcomes for consumers and SMEs

Our products deliver a range of benefits to consumers and SMEs

Make debt advice more tailored and accessible

Our software assures accurate debt advice for individuals all over the world. We work with clients and partners such as StepChange Debt Charity to ensure high quality advice is accessible for everyone

Help consumers improve financial health

We help consumers get out of debt faster by making available a range of features such as our benefits checker, utilities switching, and automated repayment plans

Improve availability of debt solutions best-suited for consumers

We automate and data enrich debt servicing processes, to improve efficiency and as a result increase availability of debt solutions most favourable to customers (e.g. IVAs, DMPs, Trust Deeds, DROs)

Improve user experience

Using open banking, online chatbots and automated payment plans, we make it easier for consumers to deal with financial difficulties – in a way that makes them feel most comfortable

Identify and protect the vulnerable

Using open banking and partnering with 3rd party providers such as the Vulnerability Registration Service, we help identify vulnerable customers upfront

Improve access to funding

We help customers who are declined by a lender to find an alternative lender or a better suited debt solution

Find out more, read our full ESG Report

We partner with leading organisations focused on improving financial outcomes

We work with our partners to provide holistic, intelligent and dynamic solutions that help manage debt, insolvency and loans

We help make consumer friendly debt solutions available to more people in financial difficulty through data and automation

Since launch in 2002, our case management platform has helped millions of individuals move closer to financial rehabilitation

Aryza software and solutions enable efficient servicing of all types of insolvencies including Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), which are UK court appointed contractual arrangements for a consumer to repay debts over 5 years and avoid bankruptcy. Repayments are based on how much each individual can afford, with on average ~80% of debt written off.

Aryza software reduces associated costs of collection, making solutions more acceptable to creditors and available to consumers. This has supported reduction in bankruptcies over the last 10 years, with more consumers protected via IVAs.

In addition, consumers are better served using automated systems and processes such as open banking and 3rd party services (e.g. benefits checker) which ensure fair treatment, better user experience and improved outcomes.

Source: The Insolvency Service

We helped lenders treat customers fairly when they needed it the most – responding rapidly during the pandemic

In 2020 many people were left in long-term unemployment, while also coping with the mental health impact of the pandemic.

We have been there to help, supporting individuals and businesses and bringing to market Aryza Recover in record time.

Our software helps individuals manage the impact of Covid-19 and financial hardship, supporting interaction between individuals and lenders in a secure and easy-to use way, while assuring compliance with forbearance and payment options and helping lenders easily identify customer vulnerability.

Working together, Experian and Aryza reframe the conversation around money management, offering a streamlined, bespoke customer experience that optimises the digital journey.

<2 months

to deliver brand new Aryza Recover product


users having access to automated payment plans


actively using since launch

Our software helps individuals manage the impact of Covid-19 and financial hardship, supporting interaction between individuals and lenders in a secure easy-to use way

Our holistic ESG Impact Framework is guided by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals


We are committed to providing the best outcomes by ensuring the products and services we provide benefit individuals, SMEs and suppliers.


We strive to create a positive working environment for our people and improve diversity.


We aim to support regional economic growth and have meaningful and effective social contributions.


We are committed to identifying and improving the environmental impact of our operations.

Governance and Leadership

We take accountability for our decisions by implementing regulatory and operational best practices to help identify and manage all material risks.

2020 has been a year of improvement for us from an ESG standpoint


Number of customers supported

2020 numbers include customers of a business acquired in 2020


Gender diversity, % FTEs


SME customers outside of capital cities


Carbon emissions (tCO2e)

Excludes Mauritius entities. Scope 2 carbon emission figures include market emissions

Governance and leadership
  • Aryza is currently FCA authorised and has a structured governance and risk framework
  • The board supports the long-term development of the business, meeting every month and assuring compliance procedures are followed
  • We have recently developed a group wide ESG policy, which assures our principles are aligned across and closely followed by the group

We always want to be better which is why we set ourselves several goals for the future

Continue to support regional economic growth and financial inclusion
Improve focus of our charitable contributions and donations
Increase diversity across the group, with particular emphasis on diversity at senior management and board level
Constant efforts to reduce carbon footprint and improve resource efficiency
Continue to focus on maintaining good governance and leadership practices
Enhance ESG reporting by increasing the range of metrics tracked and improve data quality

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