aryza connect

Facilitating better, more positive engagement with the recovery process

Aryza Connect is a managed services product. It is a creditor intermediary that helps creditors manage their insolvent customers as a full outsource, supporting both formal and informal debt solutions.

Features & Functionality

Giving creditors a transparent, accurate, and reconciled view of insolvency cases

Flag vulnerabilities

The system will automatically identify, flag, and address any areas where a customer may be vulnerable, ensuring their journey remains fair.

Real-time data transfer

Real-time data transfer between platforms ensures data is accurate; aligned and reconciled with Insolvency Practitioners and creditors.

Digital voting

Creditors can vote digitally within Aryza Connect a more time and cost-efficient way for creditors to initiate the insolvency process.

Raise queries

Platform provides a channel to the practitioner where they can provide consumer or account insights, as well as request information.

Monitor returns

Full portfolio insights into cash and case statuses and exceptions, allowing you to configure your own views and link key data points.

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A flexible approach to sending and receiving communications

Giving creditors access to around 160,000 individual UK insolvency cases and 90 insolvency practitioners.

Customer journeys are always assured using TCF principles.

Better performance, improved compliance and increased portfolio insight at a granular level.

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Aryza announced as finalists in two categories at the Credit and Collections Technology Awards

centre for social justice

Aryza partner with the Centre for Social Justice to help tackle ‘hidden debt’ in Britain

Aryza announced as finalists at the Credit and Customer Service Awards, alongside BNP Paribas Personal Finance UK and Experian