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Make better credit underwriting decisions through Open Finance technology, expert analytics, and strategic partnerships.

Aryza Monitor provides an out-of-the-box Open Finance report that can be used for the ongoing assessment of customer status. Our system seamlessly bundles key data sets including transactional and creditor/book debt ledger data to reduce time and effort spent by any financial professionals and their staff in gathering this information.

Aryza Monitor enables underwriters to carry out a financial health check on the company at the start of the assignment and improve underwriting efficiency by providing accurate insights to improve the quality of credit decisioning.

This Aryza solution is aimed to help credit underwriters in the following areas:

  • Automating on-boarding processes and customer journeys
  • Providing a holistic view of SMEs key financial information within one application
  • Enabling underwriters to make quicker and more informed credit decisions
  • Reducing fraud cases and monitor credit lines.

Simple monitoring and management of your corporate customers

Transformation of the lending process
Supports digital transformation of SME lenders origination and servicing process

Process Automation
Automates on-boarding and ongoing management process with seamless customer journeys

One source of information
Provides easy access to SMEs financial information, with a holistic view of management accounts, real-time transactional data and Companies House information

Easily apply to an existing book
Offers the ability to re-underwrite existing credit books and deploy early-stage intervention strategies

Customer Company Information page
This page allows searching and filtering for a specific company by company name, number or the applicant name. It provides detailed customer information, including data collected during the on-boarding process with statutory information, persons with significant control, directors and company charges.

Single customer view
One overview rather than collecting the information from various sources, providing a thorough understanding of the operations and key people in the company.

Financial health tab
Our financial health tab aims to help in a variety of areas. This page displays the calculation of the most commonly used financial ratios when examining a business’s profitability and performance over time. It shows the SME’s cash conversion cycle, inventory days and any outstanding money due to the company. It also lists the top 80% of Payables/Receivables.

Complete financial statement
The last 3 years of Profit and Loss Statements and Balance sheets, directly pulled from the company’s management accounts. It allows the user to investigate these data sets further and view different accounting periods. It also provides a Quality Score that measures the quality of the book-keeping and data integrity.

Summary per Bank Account
Aryza Monitor provides an overview of the total balances of each bank account associated with the customer. It measures 12 pre-set KPI’s including current, highest and lowest balances, and displays any unpaid trends and unauthorised overdrafts within the shared accounts.

Monthly Cashflow summary
This information helps the underwriters to review the current and historic cashflow of an SME, spot any historic cash gaps, estimate and prepare future cashflow forecasts and offer appropriate loan rates based on real-time information.


What is included in the monthly cashflow summary?

Using the banks’ Open Banking APIs and using Aryza’s proprietary algorithms, real-time transactional data is provided to the end users displaying the company’s operational cashflow, running balance and cash volatility over a set period. It provides details of the company’s trading history, recurring payments, and its top performing customers and vendors.

This information helps the underwriters to review the current and historic cashflow of an SME, spot any historic cash gaps, estimate and prepare future cashflow forecasts and offer appropriate loan rates based on real-time information.

Another key function is the ability to use a search option with specific parameters to review the bank statements and transactions to look for unusual and/or large transactions, that may indicate antecedent or fraudulent transactions which will improve efficiency and potential asset recovery as part of director conduct investigations.

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