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aryza canada video signing

Insolvency Assessment Video Signing Room™

Leading Canadian supplier to all Canadian Trustees


Video Signing Room™ (VSR)

The Video Signing Room™ (VSR) is a web video conferencing platform that incorporates digital document signing solution. The VSR allows a host to create a meeting with participants who are remote without the need to use any 3rd party conferencing tools. By creating a VSR meeting, a host automatically sends meeting invites to the remote signers to add to their calendars and when it is time to join, they will receive a reminder and can simply click on a button on their device to join a video signing session.

Host Session

Host a signing session with built-in video conferencing where every aspect is recorded for non repudiation purposes

Multiple Documents

Instantly get multiple documents signed remotely by debtor while capturing video of entire event

Any Device

Debtors may join from their home and review the document on their PC or Tablet screen and send unique signatures from their smartphone

Complete Control

Host shares the documents with participants in the Video Signing Room and has complete control of each document.


Trustee explains and reviews the initial filing information with the debtors in the Video Signing Room

Live Chat

Chat window to allow for additional text communication with the participants during session

One-time Signature

Trustee sends links to debtors’ phones for each unique signature required on documents, one link per one-time use signature

Masterfile Save

Video recording of screen share, signing and video conversation added to the MasterFile Audit trail for the signing

How does Creditor Notifications work?

Transaction Compliance Server™

MasterFile Audit Trail for tracking and Non-Repudiation

  • Date & time stamps of when a document was signed
  • IP Address, device used & geolocation of each signer
  • Document access history and detailed notification history of all the messages sent from the system to the signers (including read receipts)
  • Detailed signing log of each signer including how long the signer spent on each page and signatures and identification images added

Cloud hosted Repository of all signing sessions

  • Create and manage signing workflows
  • Maintains a history of all signed documents
  • View and track progress of document signings
  • Compliance & Audit Certification



MasterFile Audit Trail for tracking and Non-Repudiation

  • Keeps track of all aspects of signing process for complete non-repudiation
  • A document with one signer or many signers
  • Where the document was signed and at what date and time
  • Collects photographic ID from your remote signers
  • How the signer accessed the document and how often
  • All the notifications sent to the signer including the initial email and any text messages to their mobile device
  • Added signatures and images of identification
  • A detailed signing log showing every single action taken on the document including how long the signer spent on each page and any text that was entered

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Leading Provider for LIT Industry in Canada

Now More Competitively Priced for LIT’s Video Signing and E Signature Rates

  • Includes 1 Hr Video recording
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Signatures
  • Cloud Hosted Environment
  • White Labelling for LIT Brand Available
  • Available to both IPS and Ascend Clients

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