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Insolvency Case Management

Government Regulatory Bodies – Our Solution:

Insolvency Case Management (ICM) simplifies complex case workflow while empowering governmental insolvency and bankruptcy departments. EU & International governing bodies individual legislative requirements and processes are seamlessly transformed into a single, secure cloud based system.

Scale to fit

Gives you the right information to work smarter and remain within departmental budgets. ICM digitally revolutionizes how insolvency teams manage, interact and serve their constituents.


Providing a 360 degree view of governmental objectives. Using a common framework and an integrate approach to support processes and ensuring that the business system paces with required growth.


Insolvency Requirements intertwined from regulatory bodies, creditors, consumers, privacy and governing legislation can be complex and confusing. Our insolvency & bankruptcy case management solutions ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Realtime Dashboards

Make better and faster decisions from anywhere. Generate insight and provide the ability to meet and manage information during the lifecycle of the insolvency case.

Client Success Stories

Governments Succeed with Aryza Canada

Republic of Ireland – The Insolvency Service of Ireland delivers positive change to its citizens.

Insolvency Service of Ireland

In 2013 through an EU procurement process the Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI) contracted Aryza Canada and its team of professionals to create a unique bespoke customized solution for the bankruptcy division of the ISI.

Facing unprecedented growth in insolvencies across the Republic of Ireland, the ISI had many priorities, each of them with unique challenges.

Balancing the competing needs of stakeholders, timelines and budgetary restraints required a specialized platform and a team of top tier insolvency experts.

“Arya’s IPS’s professional approach to delivering the best system to suit our requirements, involved a thorough business analysis firstly of our processes, in line with international best practice. It involved challenging all we did, why we did it and how we did it. Bringing enormous experience of key professionals in Canadian Insolvency process to Ireland, in addition to extensive team knowledge and experience of its team and maintaining continual communication links between us, informed us of the legal, office structural and procedural changes required and allowed us transform our business process at the earliest stage. It practically abolished any project scope creep, ensuring delivery on time, within budget of an excellent system, beyond our best expectations. With the new system we have greatly improved our ability to process large volumes of cases, general management of all areas of operations, including division, team and individual performance, asset and income recovery and dividend payments. The Aryza team headed by Jeff was brilliant and took exceptional personal pride in delivering an excellent service and IT system to us. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them as an IT System Provider”

Chris Lehane

ISI Official Assignee in Bankruptcy

“Aryza created a bankruptcy processing platform that offered mission critical requirements within the ISI timeframe and within the given budget. Aryza proved to be more than just software providers, rendering invaluable 360-degree insolvency and processing knowledge to our team at the ISI.”

Lorcan O’Connor

Director (CEO) Insolvency Service of Ireland

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