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aryza sentinel

Aryza Sentinel, a flexible loan and lease management platform

Aryza Sentinel is a modular loan and lease management platform providing over 200 lending businesses with a flexible SaaS based solution. The loan management software is made up of several core modules which can take end customers from an initial application, through the underwriting process onto agreement execution to instalment collections, arrears management and settlement.

Aryza Sentinel screen - loan management software


Supporting lenders in both consumer and business finance, the flexible nature of the loan management software means that it is tailored to each business’s needs


Customisable themes and journeys

You can seamlessly integrate your website to the app journey using your corporate theme, and customise journeys by channel and support enquiries from both direct customers and 3rd party introducers.


Fully digital, automated origination

The software returns underwriting decisions to the user, allows for additional documentation to be uploaded, supports Esignatures so that your customer can complete agreement documentation, and integrates to email and SMS functionality.


User-definable workflows

User-definable workflows mean you can match your current process. The software also links to third parties for Credit and Verification Checks, and a comprehensive messaging module supports chase and reengagement messages by email and SMS.


Agreement management

The core engine of the system allows functionality to end users to create new financial products and launch into new markets. It manages finance product types, drives automated collections, provides transaction types, manages posting, links to a range of Accounting Packages, and manages allocation of funding.


Arrears handling

Sentinel includes ‘In Life’ Agreement CRM, manages unpaid payments and includes comprehensive workflow to support arrears management. The software can automate emails, text messages and letters in line with your policy, and also produces statutory documentation including NOSIA, SNOSIA, Notice of Default Sums and Annual Statements.



Your end customer can register and log in to their account to view core information on their loan agreement, giving them the ability to view their agreement, see their upcoming payments, view a full transaction history, get a settlement quotation and make a payment to their loan agreement.


Aryza Sentinel’s unique modular design

Aryza Sentinel’s unique modular design can be deployed at the relevant point of a customer’s journey. Used by start ups and established businesses, the loan management software is tailored to meet individual users’ requirements.

The customer lending process flow diagram -  loan management software
Aryza Sentinel loan application screen -  loan management software


Aryza Sentinel is made up of modules, giving the customer flexibility

The Proposal Module

The Proposal Module has the capability to handle all workflow stages during the loan origination stage, from initial enquiry from the customer through to pay-out of the deal.

The Administration Module

The Administration Module is the core engine for all the Aryza Sentinel modules with the ability to calculate rates, income apportionment, charges, settlements and arrears on all agreement types.

The Collections Module

The Collections Module is used as both a customer service interface, and a completed workflow for staff to chase customers for late payments and arrears.

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Aryza Sentinel’s unique modular design

We collaborate closely with clients to develop software solutions that meet your business requirements.

We have a complete understanding of the regulatory environment in which our customers operate.

We create bespoke solutions for our clients to ensure the best possible results for their specific needs.

Tried and tested products with over 300 customers currently using our lending software.

User working with Aryza Sentinel -  loan management software

If you look at the results we’ve achieved from partnering with Aryza – they’re really staggering. Productivity levels have increased four-fold, we’re moving cases so much faster, we have much better client engagement, lower arrears. It’s just been a hugely beneficial partnership for us.

Creditfix Chairman

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