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aryza review

Automation of the regular reviews of customer affordability

In challenging times it is vital to ensure any agreements with customers are still affordable, and reflect their current financial status. Aryza Review allows you to gather information on a regular basis and suggest alternatives for those customers that may be struggling with repayments. You can offer payment breaks, revise repayment plans or refer to non lending alternatives based a a real picture of consumer affordability and vulnerability.

Aryza Review gives your customers access to an automated tool that can be used to gather personal and financial information to give an accurate view of consumer affordability and vulnerability.

It can also suggest areas for money saving, based on the Standard Financial Statement guidelines (SFS), and includes a decisioning element to provide your customers with an outcome of the best course of action for them.

Watch this video for a short demo of the Aryza Review, or book a meeting with us for a more tailored and in-depth session.

At Aryza, our solutions have been developed in partnership with some of the biggest names in financial services and utilities.

The challenge for any businesses is to make the consumer affordability experience simple and efficient without reducing the emphasis on the quality and accuracy of data gathered and providing robust and compliant guidance on best outcomes for the consumer.

Aryza Review is a specialist tool for the automation of the customer experience, providing accurate and efficient management of customers and a proactive approach to working with consumers.

Benefits to the Consumer

Simple Email or SMS invite

Your customer will receive a link to a site which will be white labelled as your brand. A simple engine to drive an understanding of consumer affordability

Secure registration and login

Customers can create their own secure area, where their data is protected, and they can return to review at any point.  This area is also password protected and has two levels of authentication for added peace of mind

Secure document upload

The debtor can upload documents directly from the device they’re using, and the information is automatically stored against their account

Automated contact strategy

Email and SMS communications can be used to encourage consumers to complete the journey, and keep them updated on the status of their case

ID Verification

Secure log in and ID check confirms the consumer’s identity before allowing them to proceed

Household information

A series of carefully worded questions guides the consumer through the process of updating information about their property, relationships, assets and debts

Automation of information collation

It is possible to use open banking and credit reference data to pre fill much of the content of the standard financial statement, although there is an option to complete manually of the consumer prefers

Validated against SFS guidelines

The data gathered is compared with the household composition information and then fed into a decision engine that highlights where any areas of overspend may be happening

Pre-populated with previous data

If the consumer has already completed income and expenditure with you, this data can be presented back to them to make the data entry process simpler

Summary of financial situation

Income and outgoings is summarised for the consumer to allow them to review and amend their data quickly and simply

Savings and Benefit Checker

The system also presents any opportunities for reducing outgoings by switching suppliers, or increasing expenditure by claiming any entitled to benefits.

Benefits for the Creditor

Automation of complex data gathering for understanding consumer affordability

Aryza Review reduces the amount of agent time that needs to be spent on each customer by automating the management of data collection and document validation

Saves time – reallocates core resources

Agents can spend their time on customers that need additional support – safe in the knowledge that each consumer has a consistent process and outcome presented to them

Reduces costs

With up to 60% of consumers preferring to complete account reviews via a digital option, there is the potential to significantly reduce operational costs

Automation of customer communication

Aryza Strategy Management is built into Aryza Review – this means that you can replicate your existing processes and workflows to ensure compliant and consistent communications with your customer base

White labelled solution – increase conversions

With options to apply your own branding creating full brand recognition and a smooth customer journey you will increase brand awareness and engagement

Aryza can offer an out of the box solution with a quick implementation usually in 3-6 weeks. 

Get in touch now to discuss your requirements.

The development of our software has been driven by close relationships with financial services and utility brands

Aryza Review has been designed to leverage the best practices of our clients and the requirements of consumers.  Even if you have existing automated solution it may be worth talking to Aryza about your low conversion rates, and customer retention.  Our experienced team will be able to work with you to review where you can improve processes, introduce efficiencies, and influence key operational SLAs.

Why Talk to Aryza?

One platform for all customer management requirements.
The Aryza Review tool is designed to work closely with our other products that have been built to service all aspects of customer management.

Aryza Acquire

Onboard new customers with an instant, accurate view of their finances.
Aryza Acquire allows consumers to use open banking to populate their details within minutes. With automated decisioning, you can offer the appropriate products and services to your customers, based on their true affordability and vulnerability.

Aryza Recover

Inevitably some customers will fall into payment difficulties with their account. Aryza Recover allows you to manage this situation sensitively through an automated series of communications with customers that are defaulting, gathering information on affordability and vulnerability, and signposting the customer to an appropriate outcome. The system can automate payment plans, payment breaks, collections and provides an assisted version so your agents can get involved when they need to.

Aryza Engage

Help your customers with their financial well-being, and build stronger brand alliance. Can provide information including credit scores, financial health indicators, benefit checkers and an interface to switch household bill providers to save money. Aryza Engage helps consumers to gain a clear understanding of their income, outgoings and credit commitments, along with ongoing affordability and vulnerability.

If you want to chat to us about how our products can transform your customer experience, understand consumer affordability, and make a real impact on your operations, simply give us a call on 0800 072 0092 or book an initial discussion by clicking the button below.

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