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aryza evolve 

Helping creditors manage their insolvency returns and protect their customers, via a managed service solution

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Aryza Evolve combines industry knowledge, data analytics, compliance and FCA expertise with a creative and passionate team to deliver managed service solutions. This part of the Aryza business has its heritage in the insolvency sector, and has evolved to provide services to allow you to achieve your strategic goals in many areas:

  • Managing Insolvency Practitioners
  • Risk and Compliance review and management
  • Debt purchase expertise and capabilities
  • Data-driven voting 
  • Generating operational efficiencies
  • System to system synchronisation and enhanced reconciliation
  • Customisable management information

Outsourcing for the finance sector

Aryza Evolve is driven by analysis and intelligence. We are passionate about delivering knowledge and insights to our customers. Our goal is to support you to transform your business, enhance the experience that your customers have when they interact with your business, and help you achieve your strategic objectives.

Your customers and your brand are our priority, and we always want to treat customers fairly and compassionately. At the same time, we want to help you build an industry that is fair and equitable.

Support for insolvency services

Our flagship managed service product provides help for personal insolvency portfolios across all sectors. The service is outward focused, and our operation is driven by technology and strategy is shaped by analytics. We use data to help you gain a deeper understanding of your business, provide the positive customer outcomes, striving to improve the insolvency industry.

Risk management and compliance are critical to your business and we want to help you achieve your aims by establishing systems and processes to manage the main areas of risks and compliance. These can be developed in different ways and the level of evidence of the operation of the controls will vary, so Aryza Evolve supports your operation with a four line risk management approach and an autonomous governance structure.

Aryza Evolve – Project Leadership

We have developed agile cross-disciplinary resources to facilitate change in your business, and to quickly help you achieve your goals.  We firmly believe that solutions evolve through collaborative effort with stakeholders and continuous improvement at every stage.

  • Project leadership resources experienced in financial services and insolvency sectors
  • Able to partner with your teams to achieve best practice solution delivery
  • Full independent change governance
  • Advisory services and consultation
  • Data and analytics to back-up decisions
  • Bolstered by the legal and compliance expertise within our organisation
  • Financial services, legal and compliance expertise
  • Innovative solutions to everyday challenges
  • Working to ISO 27001 standards.

Unlock new capital from historic bankruptcy data

Aryza Evolve can unlock new capital to positively impact your P&L from your historic bankruptcy data. PPI was miss sold to people who were bankrupt between 2000 to 2017 and now a compensation fund has been created with approx. £600 million pounds to be repaid. As the claimant was in a bankruptcy, compensation is now owed to the creditors, so we have tailored our service to apply on your behalf. 

Every week applications are accepted for a PPI miss selling claim, we already have the data to reconcile your accounts for quick and efficient results. Every month Aryza Evolve will:

  • Analyse your accounts
  • Clean and supplement your data and associate or disassociate your accounts from the list
  • Make relevant applications for claims on your behalf
  • Get the claims approved
  • Collect the funds
  • Validate funds
  • Allocate funds to you 
  • Pay out.

We just need your data and we will complete the task on a weekly basis. 

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Consigned Funds

We have helped our customers claim over £25 million from Consigned Funds and we can help your organisation too. If you’re a debt purchaser or provide consumer credit and have historical bankruptcy accounts, then our Consigned Funds service can help you unlock capital and improve your P&L. This service is available to you even if you have an existing provider for the day to day servicing of your current and active bankruptcy accounts.

IPO and trustee payments for bankruptcy have been unpaid to creditors for years. With only 4 years left for applications to be processed, we are able to offer a unique service to assess, data cleanse, validate and make the application on your behalf.

Our results to date have been staggering:

We helped a high street bank release £5.5 million in unclaimed historical dividend

We helped another high street bank receive over £800k

We unlocked over £10m for one of our debt purchasers 

So click the link below to arrange a meeting with our dedicated team, and find out how you can benefit from this unique service.

Personal enquiries: 0113 389 3938

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