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Using Open Banking and Open Ledger technologies, via one single API integration, the Aryza platform was designed to empower credit underwriters, commercial and SME lending professionals by providing key company information, automating the collection of key accounting data such as creditor and book debt ledgers, and providing a powerful analysis of a company’s banking transactions.

It provides an seamlessly bundles key data sets including transactional and It provides an out-of-the-box open finance report that can be used at the start of any financial assessments such as loan applications, risk assessments or restructuring work. Our system seamlessly bundles key data sets including transactional and creditor/book debt ledger data to reduce time and effort spent by any commercial lending professionals and their staff in gathering this information.

This Aryza platform also enables financial professionals to carry out financial health checks on a business at the start of assignment and improve operational efficiency by providing accurate insights to enhance the quality of credit decisioning.

This Aryza platform has 3 distinct products that cover the whole debt cycle:

Aryza Acquire

The background information required to onboard new customers efficiently.

Aryza Monitor

A bolt-on product to Aryza Acquire. It allows financial institutions to monitor SMEs beyond 90 days with managed consent. Customers can add alerts and configure what they would like to monitor on a portfolio level.

Aryza Recover

A collections tool providing automated workflows and decisioning, in a customer facing platform.  Also provides in-life monitoring of customers.

Commercial Lending Software

Aryza Acquire – onboarding of commercial customers

Designed to be used as a corporate acquisition tool for financial institutions at the beginning of their assignments.

This Aryza solution is aimed to help credit underwriters in the following areas:

  • Automating on-boarding processes and customer journeys
  • Providing a holistic view of an SME’s key financial information within one application
  • Enabling underwriters to make quicker and more informed credit decisions
  • Reducing fraud cases (and monitoring credit lines by adding recurring access to the data and using Aryza Monitor to maintain a view of performance).

SMEs have traditionally faced long-winded and complex application processes, Aryza Acquire aims to change this by simplifying the process and allowing businesses to apply for lending in an intuitive web app.  

Lenders also face challenges of the detailed information they require, the reliability of data sources, and the timeliness of that information.  Even when the information gathered is comprehensive, it can be difficult to predict future cash flow and be sure of the accuracy of the data

Aryza Acquire enhances the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, the quality of decision making, and the relationships between borrowers and lenders.

Aryza Monitor – a reliable view of your customer base over time

Designed to be used by financial institutions to monitor the performance of the businesses in their lending portfolio.  Aryza Monitor tracks performance and flags changes in company status that may have a bearing on the ability to maintain payments on a loan.

  • Uses data sharing within open banking to provide a monitoring tool
  • Aryza manages the ongoing consent on behalf of the Lender, and prompts customers to reshare the data
  • The entry level monitoring tool has smart alerts for areas such as missed payments, new loans etc. that will be sent to the Lender via an email or API call
  • Aryza will soon release its Monitoring Plus product which will include CRA data insights and a configuration layer that will allow a lender to monitor bespoke KPIs based of their portfolio as well as SME level.

Monitor your commercial customers

Simple repayment plan and collections software

Aryza Recover – automating the collections and payment restructuring process

Technology is a huge opportunity to increase the efficiency of a business – we estimate 70% of call centre time could be reduced through digitalisation. Using Aryza Recover has resulted in a reduction of call centre time by around 5000 hours within the first 6 weeks of operation. 

Aryza Recover allows you to manage defaulting customers sensitively through an automated series of communications, gathering information on affordability and signposting them to an appropriate outcome. The system can automate payment plans, payment breaks, collections and provides an assisted version so your agents can get involved when they need to.

  • Collections journey remains entirely in your control
  • Reduction in the requirement for collections staff
  • High rate of engagement with customers compared to traditional collections methods
  • Customers able to self-serve at a time they want and using their preferred device
  • Agent interface allows an assisted journey if required.

Aryza Commercial Solutions is a group of tools that transform the way financial Institutions communicate with their customers, gather data, and make decisions.  It provides the tools to inform SME funding through open finance technology, expert analytics and strategic partnerships.

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