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aryza canada – insolvency products

Our services in Canada support the full estate management process

Our Canadian software solutions are designed to help manage the intricate, individual needs of corporate and personal cases – from insolvency through recovery, and all the way back to full financial health 

The Aryza Canada team understand the needs and practices of Canadian Trustees

The Aryza Canada team designed and built an insolvency platform to respond to regulatory changes in the industry. As a result, Insolvency Process System (IPS) was created. Today, IPS is an indispensable tool that delivers powerful efficiency to 40% of the trustees across Canada. IPS is known as the Gold Standard to Licensed Insolvency Trustees, regulators and governing bodies when it comes to processing all types of insolvency cases in Canada. 

Expanding on their unrivalled success, the Aryza Canada team deliver end-to-end services and solutions for managing the complex bankruptcy process, with iron clad compliance, whilst always meeting jurisdictional requirements. Our team can offer assistance in both English and French.

Aryza Canada insolvency services include:

Aryza Canada Insolvency

Manage the bankruptcy process with iron clad compliance and meet jurisdictional requirements

Document Management

Why pay for expensive 3rd party software? Aryza Canada Paperless Suite now included within IPS.

Insolvency Process System

A time saving tool for Licensed Insolvency Trustees that will change your life and grow your business.

Creditor Notices

Just one click of a mouse and all of your Creditor Notices for every estate have been delivered.

Video Signing Room

A web video conferencing platform that incorporates digital document signing solution.

Insolvency Case Management

Simplifies complex case workflow while empowering governmental insolvency & bankruptcy departments.

Cloud Hosting

Located in Canada, we offer OSB compliant cloud hosting. server, software, backups and support.

Version 8.0

The Next Generation of Insolvency Estate Processing.

Memberships Shape Our Future


Transforming the complex insolvency process across Canada


Streamlined Workflows

Save time, increase file quality and make the entire journey simpler and more efficient, for your staff and your customers.


User-centered solutions

Save time, increase file quality and make the entire journey simpler and more efficient, for your staff and your customers.


Full process automation

Spend less time sweating the small stuff. Aryza Insolvency Canada automates the whole process: from collecting and reporting to distributing and reconciling.


Built-in compliance

Our software was designed to be auto-compliant, so that any non-adherence to statutory requirements and regulations isn’t even a possibility.


Improved communication

Our software facilitates secure, automated digital communications to save you time and money, and to increase response rates from customers.


Regular software updates

Our software is updated on a regular basis with new functionality and features, so it’s always improving, and best practice is always adhered to.

“Reflecting over the past few years we are very pleased with the success of our strategic decision in 2017 to transition to Uberbase IPS. We believed then and can confirm now that the powerful software combined with the experienced team at Uberbase have assisted us in improving our Key Performance Indicators. They successfully implemented and deployed innovative tools and automated processes allowing us to scale and significantly growing our business.”

David Smith LIT
Bromich + Smith

“Raymond Chabot Inc. has been successfully using the UBERbase interface since 2007. The IPS solution offers all the flexibility and efficiency required to support our complex activities in personal and corporate insolvency.”

Raymond Chabot
Grant Thornton

“We’ve been using UBERbase Insolvency Process Software – IPS now for a couple of years and find the program to be both stable and efficient. It is nice to use software that is continuously adapting to be on the cutting edge. As our business grows UBERbase continues to customize their services by providing, technical solutions and value added services like UBERtax. We would certainly recommend UBERbase IPS and UBERtax to other trustees in Canada.”

Allan Marchall & Associates Inc

“We have been very impressed by the manner in which Uberbase has approached our business relationship as true partners. They are helping us to improve our internal efficiency and better manage the utilization of our staff across our office network. The commitment of the Uberbase team to helping us succeed was a deciding factor for us to select the tool”

Sands & Associates

“Changing and upgrading any office software or process platform potentially can be painful and can produce an unbearable level of inconvenience. UBERbase’s CTO Jeff Wilkinson and his team of developers customized their import engine to suit our companies individual requirements. This made for a very smooth migration. It was not without a few bumps, but the UBERbase team was there for us every step of the way, providing immediate results.”

Rumanek & Company LTD

“UBERbase IPS has been our trusted insolvency processing platform since 2009. As one of the large firms in Quebec, we needed a platform that offers high levels of efficiency, customizable modules and performance in dealing with large amount of data. Uberbase Insolvency process system IPS has always been up to the challenge. They listen to their customers demands and constantly add new features to their already rich in feature software. We would highly recommend the UBERbase IPS platform and it’s team to any trustee firm in Canada.”

Jean Fortin & Associés

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