Open Banking Integration

Technology to make customer engagement and data collection easier, faster and more accurate

Easily and instantly get consent to access banking, transaction, and other data from banks, for a unique and accurate view of affordability.

We have developed relationships with leading Account Information Service Providers to make their services available to you, via links or a bespoke interface

We can help implement a bespoke Open Banking strategy that fits your specific business requirements, whether you want to increase acceptance rates on customers with thin credit files, reduce your volume of marginal declines for financial products, or simply streamline the process of gathering accurate consumer data.


aryza acquire

Acquire new customers quickly and effectively. Use bureau and open banking data to quickly build a financial picture of customers that apply via your website.



aryza advize

Aryza Advize is software for the consistent aggregation of consumer debt information.



aryza debtsense

Debtsense was built to help people experiencing financial difficulty by helping them resolve debts, and move towards a brighter financial future.



aryza decline

Aryza Decline is software for the effective management of consumers that are declined for financial products. 



aryza recover

Aryza Recover is payment break management and arrears strategy software, providing automation of the customer collections, repayment and recovery journey.



aryza engage

Aryza Engage is consumer engagement software that creates an ongoing relationship with a consumer generating lifetime.



aryza loan origination

Aryza Loan Origination is an end-to-end lending platform, designed to originate and manage financial products quickly, automatically & cost-effectively.



aryza loan administration

Loan servicing software to automate the full loan cycle, from communications and document management to partnership management and operational support.



aryza insolvency UK

Insolvency management software, designed to help you help customers across the UK.



aryza insolvency Ireland

Insolvency management software, designed to help you help customers across Ireland.

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of consumers on insolvency plans choose to use Open Banking to conduct their annual review
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of consumers conduct their financial transactions on a mobile device. Open banking makes it possible to significantly reduce the time it takes to gather application data

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Aryza announced as finalists in two categories at the Credit and Collections Technology Awards

centre for social justice

Aryza partner with the Centre for Social Justice to help tackle ‘hidden debt’ in Britain

Aryza announced as finalists at the Credit and Customer Service Awards, alongside BNP Paribas Personal Finance UK and Experian