Introducing Aryza

Over the past three years, Visionblue has been evolving. Since our acquisition by Pollen Street Capital in 2017, we have been growing, strategising, and planning for the future. We wanted to grow our impact and our offering, and as part of our new direction, we wanted a new look, a new name, and a new logo. We are delighted to announce today, officially, that we are Aryza.

New look

You’ll see our new name, branding, and look on our new website, in our correspondence, and across all of our social media channels. They are a reflection of how we’ve grown since we began as VisionBlue some 18 years ago. When we began building software, we wanted to help insolvency practitioners navigate the insolvency process with their clients in a more time and cost-efficient manner. We still want to do that, but as the company has grown and evolved, so has our overarching mission and purpose.

Better processes mean easier journeys

Having seen the positive effects that better processes can have not just on insolvency practitioners, but on each individual’s financial journey out of insolvency, we knew that with the right tools we could help people in all stages of the full financial cycle to have better relationships with their money. From lending and debt resolution to savings and investments or personal budgeting, we as Aryza now offer a suite of software solutions that are designed to help financial professionals help their customers, whatever their situation.

“In the past few years, we’ve acquired a number of software companies who have built incredible tools to streamline and automate processes across the full financial cycle. We now have software that facilitates the full loan cycle, as well as recovery and collections software, more international insolvency solutions, and software to help individuals manage their budgeting and savings. We’ve also moved into industry insights, data collection and analysis, with a view to getting a really accurate overview of the whole industry, to ideally help us build even more effective tools and – ultimately – help more people have a better relationship with their money and achieve greater prosperity.”

– Colin Brown, CEO

Thank you

To our current clients, we thank you for your business up until now, and we want to let you know that it’s business as usual, albeit under our new name and in some new colours. The only difference you’ll really notice, beyond our new look and logo, is our email addresses and website, as well as our larger suite of available software. We have moved from our old HQ in Blanchardstown Corporate Park to a new one, also in Blanchardstown Corporate Park and we can’t wait for you to see it (see the location here).

We’re proud of what we’ve done as Visionblue, and of the impact we’ve had so far, and we look forward to a future, as Aryza, dedicated to making journeys, across the full financial landscape, smoother for everyone involved.

View our product offering here, for debt and insolvency, financial assessments, lending and collections and recovery.