Refresh Financial – A leader in Canadian Secured Credit Cards
Refresh Financial ( and Aryza Canada are excited to join efforts with the goal of providing a deeper, more meaningful relationship between Licensed Insolvency Trustees and their bankruptcy and consumer proposal clients. Through an integration portal within IPS, LIT’s now have the ability to connect their clients to Canada’s leader in secured credit cards, with the push of one “Refresh” button. Post bankrupt and insolvent Canadians will carefully be guided on the best way to rebuild their credit score and become credit trustworthy through various credit card and loan solutions.

The new partnership allows insolvency trustees working with their debtors who are navigating or exiting insolvency, a quick and simple method of connecting with Refresh Financial. Refresh secured credit card, offers insolvent clients reasonable and fair rates and a plan that will get them back on their feet quickly. After clients have rebuilt their credit through Refresh, they are deemed credit trustworthy and will gain access to conventional lenders and better interest rates to help them reach their financial goals, such as purchasing a home or vehicle.

“At Refresh our products are proven to help Canadians build credit, gain access to affordable interest rates, and partnering with Aryza Canada allows us to support more people who are looking for effective solutions,” said Founder & CEO, Michael Wendland.

With a focus on delivering an exceptional service experience, the team at Refresh Financial has helped more than 90,000 Canadians build their credit efficiently and reach their financial goals.

Are you looking for more information on how the products and services offered through Refresh can help you grow your Insolvency business? Please contact Michael Wendland.