Part of Aryza’s new lending division, Aryza Sentinel is a modular loan and lease management platform already providing over 200 lending businesses with a flexible SaaS based solution.

Developed to meet the varied needs of the instalment credit industry, the Aryza Sentinel platform boasts a modular design that allows customers to create the right solution for their specific business requirements.

Made up of several core modules, the system can take the end customers from an initial application, through the underwriting, agreement execution, collections, arrears management and eventual settlement process.

The proposal module handles every aspect of the workflow during the loan origination stage – from initial enquiry, through to pay-out of the deal. Applications can be entered directly or submitted via a standard web service or application web portal, with the system also able to trigger automated communications and actions to internal and external recipients.

The administration module calculates rates, income apportionment, charges, settlements and arrears of all agreement types, also able to support the collection of loan instalments by direct debit and debit cards.

The collections module can automate the production of all letters, text messages and emails from the system in line with a businesses collections strategy, facilitating the automatic addition of charges for late payment.

Commenting on the latest product upgrade, Paul O’Sullivan, Aryza lending division CEO, said:

“The flexible nature of the Aryza Sentinel platform can support lenders in both consumer and business finance. Comprising a range of core and sub modules, the solution can be tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers, helping to maximise conversion rates and achieve better outcomes.”

“With several new regulations on the horizon, we developed a system that can automatically produce NOSIA’s, SNOSIA’s, NODs and annual statements in line with the latest regulation – bringing real peace of mind to our customers.”

Colin Brown, CEO of Aryza continued:

“Facilitating more streamlined customer journeys is one of our main aims at Aryza and this was a key consideration when developing the Sentinel software. Via the platform, end users can register and login to their own personal account. Here, they can access information around their current balance, arrears, transaction history, payment profile, settlement figure, and view any documents stored against the account.

“This will not only help guide them towards a healthier financial future but also improve their understanding of their financial situation and the options available to them.”

Facsimiles of documents received from customers or third parties, and those generated by the system are indexed and stored against customers and agreements, facilitating easy retrieval of all information and helping with compliance and GDPR regulations.

As with other Aryza products, the Aryza Sentinel software can be white labelled to support your brand needs.

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