Since our beginnings, we have strived to improve every step of the journey for introducers, debtors and insolvency firms, with the latest technology solutions. Our brand has rapidly expanded in the insolvency space and we are now well known for our in-house developed tools that are used throughout the UK insolvency market to increase expediency.

How do we stand out from the competition?

Beyond our unique front-end features that facilitate lead qualification and case packaging, Aryza Advize hosts a complete suite of back-end functionality to enable insolvency practitioners to efficiently manage the lifecycle of IVAs, Trust Deeds, and DMPs.

Our case management process is designed to increase expediency for insolvency firms whilst reducing costs and minimising time-consuming efforts associated with traditional procedures. Take a look at the key features that make Aryza the go-to brand and leading software provider in the insolvency space.

Client & Case Management

Manage the full lifecycle of your client base, from initial web enquiry through to final payment of their IVA, Trust Deed or DMP.

• Income & Expenditure screens (CFS/SFS guidelines)
• Decision engine to find the best solution
• One-click proposal generation with digital signature
• Keep track of customers’ assets and living arrangements
• Easily accept leads – increase case load without
increasing overheads.

Aryza Messenger

Full and partial credit searches are available through our client portal, Aryza Messenger, which connects our users with customers to automate the document collection process.

• Instant Credit reports & Bank statements
• Open Banking integration
• File upload
• AML reports
• Automated messaging and live chat
• Integration with CMS – all files are automatically
placed within the client record.

Automate email, SMS and documents

Automate throughout the pre-appointment and post-appointment
process; proposals, follow-ups, meetings of creditors, files and reports.

• Set up automated follow-up reminders and increase pack back rates with workflows (HubSolv Messenger, email & SMS)
• Speed up proposal acceptance with digital signatures
• Improve compliance with Aryza Advize’s templates, compliant
document packs and fully customisable checklists.

One-click proposals & digital signature

One-click functionality can automatically generate relevant case documentation such as proposal packs and notice of meeting letters.

IPs can implement call scripts and use these to create a standardised narrative for the SIP call.

Digital signatures are available as part of our integrations, to expedite the process.


IVA Module – Decision Tab

The Decision tab within the IVA module allows the IP to pre-select modifications to increase expediency. All modifications are listed; eliminating the need for manual entry. As votes are amended, the system automatically updates records. The Chairman’s Report is then auto-generated, along with documents for approval.

Meeting of Creditors & CreditorDesk

The IVA module allows firms to easily propose cases to creditors by post, email, XML or directly to Aryza Connect Hub – our dedicated creditor portal for secure file sharing.

With our MOC functionality, voting modifications are pre-populated to save the insolvency practitioner time. Votes and records are automatically updated as feedback is received, facilitating the one-click generation of the Chairman’s Report. Signed documents are seamlessly returned to the client’s record in Aryza Advize for the IP to reference throughout the duration of the case.

• Propose cases to creditors and call creditors’ meetings
• Log all claims, votes and modifications.
• Let the system calculate the percentage acceptance based on
votes received, and suggest combinations of creditors to
reach the 75% acceptance.
• Creditors tab to find and track the status of all creditors’ claims.
• Generate documents and chair’s report in a few clicks.

Payments Suite

Insolvency practitioners are able to reduce arrears and manage payments through Aryza Advize’s payment suite, which is configured to reconcile transactions automatically should the debtor fall into arrears. Bank statements are uploaded and matched against expected payments, and a full history of payments both retained and outbound can be accessed in the dividends tab. Bulk distributions can be handled with ease, and remittance files can be auto-generated and emailed out to respective creditors through Aryza Advize. Utilisation of Aryza Messenger will decrease debtors’ likelihood to fall into arrears by generating a stream of SMS, email and letter communication reminding the individual of upcoming payments due.

• Banking module: Connect directly to your bank to automate payments and receipts.

• Sage Pay integration: Set up reoccurring card payments to make transactions simple, automated and secure.

• Arrears handling: See whether the debtor has fallen into arrears and set auto reconciliation of transactions.

• Custom configuration for payouts: Set customised payout rules. Configure auto payments to creditors based on your preferences.