Gone are the days (or weeks) wasted on the manual process of printing, posting, and waiting for letters to reach your desk. As the post piles up, it’s far too easy for important documents to get lost in the shuffle and communication with the debtor to cease.

At Aryza, we’ve digitised the full IVA process, reinventing the way that documentation has traditionally been shared. Going paperless has increased ease and efficiency for debtors, IPs and creditors involved in the process:

infographic-paperless-IVA-Advize (1)

The debtor’s information can be passed directly into Aryza Advize via our API to populate the client module. All information needed for future document generation will sit here, such as income & expenditure, assets and creditor information. These details can be merged into dynamic fields to populate letter, email, or SMS templates for further communication.

Aryza Messenger offers a live chat environment with automated SMS messages, to streamline the upload of documents and affordability checks with secure Open Banking technology, and pull credit reports in a fully encrypted, GDPR-compliant way.

Insolvency firms using Aryza Advize enjoy the unique benefit of gaining access to a wide network of introducers also using the platform. Aryza can push packaged cases from these introducers to the insolvency firm in a standardised way. These efficiencies create a speedy resolution for the debtor and allow insolvency firms to easily increase capacity without increasing overheads.

Our digital signature integration eliminates the need for a traditional wet signature and allows the debtor to receive, review, and approve the Proposal in real-time. Signature reminders can also be sent if the debtor is unable to sign upon initial receipt.

With the capacity to generate and store thousands of templates, your Aryza Advize can produce the relevant Notice of Meetings documentation, which are then seamlessly imported into Aryza Connect Hub. Two-way interaction then takes place, giving creditors the ability to submit their own documentation and submit votes. The paperless process ultimately draws to a close within Aryza Connect Hub, where creditors can access the Chairman’s Report following IVA approval.