We have revised the IVA module within Aryza Advize, to make the process of proposing cases and holding the creditors’ meeting slicker and simpler.

We have made a number of changes, especially within the Decision procedure tab, to streamline the process for insolvency practitioners and firms. The module allows insolvency firms to propose cases to creditors by post, email or XML and store all claims, votes and modifications. The system will calculate the percentage acceptance based on the votes received, and suggest combinations of creditors that would reach the 75% acceptance.

Creditors require a considerable amount of paperwork throughout the case – you can make the most of Aryza Advize’s templates to help with the process.

There is a handy Read Only mode to help you to see how different scenarios would play out, for example if you decide to outvote one creditor over another, etc.

When a case is approved, you can generate your documents such as the chair’s report within a few clicks, and send documents to the client and creditors to confirm the outcome of the meeting.

Aryza Advize has a direct integration with Watch Portfolio Management making it quick and easy for firms to send the documents digitally and instantly, rather than by post.