Following impressive growth in 2020, the Aryza Connect software continues to make an impact on the insolvency, lending, debt, and recovery sector, now used by 70 per cent of the UK’s insolvency practitioners (IPs) to set up and manage IVA case loads.

Acting as a creditor intermediary, the software – which has full FCA-approval, is designed to help creditors manage their insolvent customers as a full outsource, supporting both formal and informal debt solutions, as well as improving the overall customer journey.

Aryza Connect can be syncronised with users’ case management systems, giving creditors a transparent, accurate and reconciled view of cases, to generate better outcomes for all parties.  

The system will automatically identify, flag and address any areas where a customer may be vulnerable, ensuring their journey remains fair and also aiding better overall performance.

Real time data transfer between platforms ensures data is always accurate, with creditors able to vote digitally within the system – offering a more time and cost-efficient way for creditors to initiate the insolvency process.

Commenting on recent growth, Martin Prigent, a director at Aryza, said:

“By shifting towards a more consumer focused solution, we believe the Aryza Connect software will significantly improve the insolvency process for both consumers and practitioners, as well as improving compliance across the industry as a whole. 

“We have received great feedback from our partners on the cost saving benefits and immediate performance uplift they’ve noticed, with creditors able to access around 160,000 individual UK insolvency cases and 90 insolvency Practitioners through the system.”