“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” – Steve Jobs.

We look to find the pain points in our client’s operation and make these processes more efficient through automation. We will continue to look at the problems our clients are experiencing and look to find solutions for these problems.

Automated Task Completion

Problem: How many times have you carried out a task and all you could think of was how you could be using your valuable time doing something more pro-active?

Solution: Set a task to be completed on an automatic basis, meaning no human interaction is required to carry out that particular task. For example; many of our clients have their annual reports generating and being sent to the relevant parties overnight, with the Aryza system identifying which cases are due to have an annual report sent out and doing exactly that.

Problem: Debtors are usually in a distressed state by the time an IP has been instructed to help them. Asking them to then go and retrieve a full list of their debts can lead to issues such as increased vulnerability and/or some debts being left off the list due to the debtor simply forgetting about them.

Solution: Relieve this stress from the debtor by carrying out a credit search which will return a full list of the debtor’s creditors with accompanying account references.

Correspondence Campaigns

Problem: Our clients were spending a large chunk of their time contacting their clients when their case had fallen into a particular stage of the assignment, e.g. appointed, annuals, arrears, closure. This resulted in our clients losing time and focus on other areas.

Solution: Let Aryza do the contacting and chasing for you. At assignment stages of your choosing, the system can be set up to send an SMS and/or email to the client notifying them of the fact. For example; when a case falls into arrears, a text can be sent to the debtor notifying them, prompting them to call you and process the payment.

Anti Money Laundering Check

Problem: Try as you might, chase down the relevant parties so much you’re running the risk of becoming spam, yet you still aren’t getting anything back in the form a government issued document from the debtor or a government extract from the company.

Solution: Carry out your AML check in a streamlined process through Aryza. A task that was once tedious and inconvenient can now become a painless task, with our system doing the monotonous retrieval of documents for you.

Uploads to Regulated Bodies

Problem: The most annoying, pesky problem on our list; duplicate entries! You take a case, fill out all the information and all parties are happy to proceed. Next step; enter the same case details onto the mandatory regulated body’s portal.

Solution: Enter the case details onto our CMS, confirm all parties are happy to proceed and click on the button provided to upload that case into the relevant portal – Simple! This functionality is currently available in Ireland and Scotland and Aryza clients are making use of it. Should it become available in other territories, we would be delighted to provide our clients with an automated upload process.

As Steve Jobs said “simple can be harder than complex”. Fortunately, you can rely on us to map out the simple route and implement the simple route for your benefit; allowing you to move mountains.