2018 represents the beginning of an exciting period for all of us at Aryza. The recent purchase of Aryza (formerly Vision Blue Solutions) by Pollen Street has opened the door to new opportunities as well as giving us an extra boost for on our on-going projects.

New Jurisdictions

At the beginning of 2017, we decided it was time for us to look at supplying into new jurisdictions. As a result of an extensive market research project, we identified 3 immediate jurisdictions to target; Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Throughout 2017, the team worked hard to find what was required in each jurisdictions and what our target market was longing for in their software offerings. We are now delighted to announce that we will be going live in both New Zealand and Canada in 2018. We have been working with and had discussions with industry experts in both jurisdictions to ensure we are delivering a product that meets with local requirements and is completely localised to each jurisdiction. Our team have also been busy adding in functionalities that will allow firms to achieve efficiencies that were previously unattainable.


New Products

We have always ensured that our products are built in a way that means they can be easily adapted and built upon to meet requirements of new industries or markets. Building upon this framework, last year we started to work on building new products for the debt collection and debt purchasing industries. Our new debt collection product is Connect, which seamlessly links creditors and insolvency practitioners in real time through a secure transfer of data. Our new debt purchasing product is Assign, which supports purchasers of insolvent debt (both deliberate and incidental) and allows them to manage this process in a streamlined manner.


Product Enhancements

We believe that our products will never truly be finished. The culture at Aryza promotes such a mind-set and the result is that we are always looking to improve our current product offerings. Some of the enhancements we are currently working on are listed below;

  • Company data downloads
  • Complete AML Integration
  • Integration with Validis

Over the course of the year, we will be adding new ideas to our plan, with new functionality being thought of and opportunities arising. We’d love to hear the thoughts of people in the industry so please feel free to get in touch.