Bankruptcy & Filing Taxes Made Easy

UBERtax has evolved to be the simplest and fastest method for insolvency professionals to complete their mandatory tax filings.

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What is UberTax ?

UBERtax is an added module of IPS which is cloud hosted and integrated with DTMax, Dr Tax Efiling tax software.  

A fully integrated tax processing platform seamlessly allowing the user to file pre, post and prior returns directly. UBERtax is completely CRA compliant and designed specifically for the Canadian Licensed Insolvency Trustees.

Many Canadian Insolvency firms have disjointed approaches to filing pre, post and prior tax returns.  The UBERtax platform smooths out the bankruptcy tax returns process, manages returns at an estate level and allows a faster turn around time for the LIT’s in house tax team. 

How does it work ?

UBERtax end to end tax filings specifically for pre, post and prior tax returns. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    1. Activate IPS Ubertax License
    2. Upload tax slips
    3. Tax return is completed and filed to CRA



There is no magic, we have a team of professionally trained tax agents led by Canadian Accountants, T-1 returns are produced, reviewed and submit to CRA. The quality of the process and accuracy of the filing is guaranteed by Aryza Canada.

Aryza Canada provides everything necessary including, the cloud hosted infrastructure, DTMax tax software, printing and delivery to CRA.

With an easy to use interface Aryza Canada has automated many facets of the Tax Return process and provides an efficient and reliable system that automatically places checklists and final data into IPS software without having to retype.

The trustee at all times retains full control with approvals and feedback throughout the process.

It’s that simple.

Looking for an Efficient Tax Filing Solution, UBERtax is a natural choice!


Aryza announced as finalists in two categories at the Credit and Collections Technology Awards

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Aryza partner with the Centre for Social Justice to help tackle ‘hidden debt’ in Britain

Aryza announced as finalists at the Credit and Customer Service Awards, alongside BNP Paribas Personal Finance UK and Experian