The next generation of insolvency case management software, offering an end-to-end solution

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Aryza Insolvency: a heritage in the automation of insolvency and debt management

Aryza has over 20 years’ experience in the insolvency and debt management sector, and it was one of the pioneers of introducing automation to the sector. Now with over 60% of monthly appointments in the UK personal insolvency sector managed on Aryza software, we are well placed to introduce the next phase for the end-to-end automation of insolvency and debt management software.

The new Aryza Insolvency builds on this experience of systems, software, and best practice within the insolvency sector, along with engagement with Insolvency Practitioners (IPs), to deliver a truly global insolvency product that adapts to the regional requirements and local legislation in each area. It embraces the challenges of managing customers from acquisition and onboarding, through data collection, advice and management and recording of financial transactions. All of this is in a secure, compliant, and reliable case management platform.


Reimagining the insolvency case management process – end to end IP software solution


Efficiency for your business and your customers
From lead generation through to signposting, Aryza Insolvency offers consumers a simple user interface to help them access the support they need.
Supporting the Insolvency Practitioner
The system supports Insolvency Practitioners (IP) to find the best route for the customer in an automated process, saving them time and money.
Self serve to enhance communications
Offering a ‘self-serve’ platform, the consumer can gather the required documents and data at a time to suit them.
Consistency and compliance
Once the fact find is complete, the system offers built in packs prepared to industry standards, such as the IVA Protocol, to draft the IVA Proposal.
Automated process and communications
Communicating with creditors is a quick and smooth process, using a portal for two way electronic communication. Aryza Insolvency gives creditors a self-serve function to submit proxies and proof of debts – they can instantly see the update. It is also really simple for creditors to review the Chair’s Report and see it has been updated.
Simple case management
Once the insolvency case is set up, the system allows for easy management of the insolvency case, including payment processing and distribution.

Aryza – powerful force in insolvency software

With over 20 years experience in the sector, Aryza is at the forefront of developing solutions for debt management and insolvency

450,000 +

insolvent cases under Aryza management

C. £10Bn

distributed to creditors each month


new cases overseen by Aryza systems per year


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