Credit Analysis Software

Software to provide an instant, automatic and accurate picture of financial fitness

Technology to streamline and automate your processes, from faster onboarding to better signposting, and safer, more consistent data aggregation.

Instant and accurate online financial assessment

Our technology was designed to take the man-hours and paperwork out of necessary financial assessment, allowing you to onboard new customers faster, stay compliant, and offer your customers better and more appropriate solutions.


aryza acquire

Acquire new customers quickly and effectively. Use bureau and open banking data to quickly build a financial picture of customers that apply via your website.



aryza advize

Automate your business with a suite of tools for case management, customer onboarding and creditor engagement.



aryza decline

Aryza Decline is software for the effective management of consumers that are declined for financial products.



aryza recover

Aryza Recover is payment break management and arrears strategy software, providing automation of the customer collections, repayment and recovery journeys.



aryza engage

Aryza Engage is consumer engagement software that creates an ongoing relationship with a consumer.


Credit Analysis Software FAQs

Credit analysis is carried out by lenders to determine the ability of a company or person to repay a loan or to set up a credit agreement (or to find the best debt solution for them). It’s a vital part of the credit application process as it is this which decides how much a client can borrow or their suitability for any account where credit is being offered. A business conducts credit analysis on potential customers to evaluate their creditworthiness and the level of credit risk associated with extending credit to them.

Aryza Loan Origination is a centralised platform which handles loan applications through an entirely digital, easily navigable customer journey. It’s a cost effective solution for lenders to overcome the many challenges that the origination process can present. Businesses can assess and approve loans much faster with loan origination software.

To keep up with the competition, businesses are under growing pressure to increase speed and efficiency during the credit application process. This means arriving at good-quality decisions quickly while also minimising risk, which is made possible using credit analysis software.

Credit analysis software enables creditors to swiftly analyse the creditworthiness of a client and reach a decision. This accelerates growth as more applicants can be processed and approved in a shorter time, without the additional manual labour and paperwork that would otherwise be required. Creditors no longer face a choice between risk mitigation and efficiency, as both can be achieved simultaneously with credit analysis software. Much of the heavy lifting of the credit application process can now be automated using decision systems and artificial intelligence, which will improve the customer experience and the efficiency of the credit application process.

There are several benefits to creditors and customers using credit analysis software. We explore some of the key benefits below: 

  • Enables creditors to maximise the number of agreement that they can process without increasing risk
  • Minimises bad debt: these are the biggest strain on any company that offers finance
  • Digital automation of processes eliminates the need for additional man-hours and paperwork, reducing costs
  • Enables creditors to standardise compliance and decision making 
  • Enhanced insights and analysis into credit agreements 
  • Once centralised platform to manage all credit assessments

Credit analysis software is by creditors across various industries. Some of the more common ones include: 

  • Mortgage providers
  • Credit card providers
  • Energy providers
  • Telecommunications providers
  • Broadband providers
  • Insolvency practitioners
  • Debt management companies
  • Debt purchasers
  • Other lenders and investors

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